Doodle Exercise Routine

Doodle Lessons, Lori KennedyGood Morning, Doodlers and Quilters!

Morning is a good time for doodling–a quiet activity that helps your brain transition from dreaming to wakefulness.   Perhaps you would even consider getting up 15 minutes early to doodle?! (Like most personal trainers, I ask a lot!)

Pour yourself a cup of tea and join me for today’s simple doodle exercise.


Begin by drawing several small squares.

Use a light pencil to divide the square into quadrants.

Choose a simple shape like a circle and add it to all four quadrants.Doodle Lessons, Lori KennedyDOODLE STRETCHES

Next, add another shape–like two lines–to all four quadrants.

Then add scallops to build on the design.Doodle Lessons, Lori KennedyDOODLE AEROBICS

Now keep adding simple shapes and repeating the original shapes to create a page full of different designs.

Doodle Lessons, Lori KennedyKEEP YOUR BLOOD FLOWING…

Now that you’re into the swing of things…

Turn the page and try another grouping of simple shapes.

Doodle Lessons, Lori KennedyDON’T REST YET!  (loud voice)

Fill the page…(Up tempo music)Doodle Lessons, Lori KennedyDOODLE COOL DOWN

When you’ve completed twenty minutes of doodling,

Get a sip of water, towel off and choose one design that might work in a quilt.

Put a star by it…so you can find it when you head off to your sewing studio next time.Doodle Lessons, Lori Kennedy

Now that’s a routine I would consider doing before breakfast!

Happy Doodles and Happy Day!


PS…Who would YOU rather face in the morning?Jillian Michaels

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13 thoughts on “Doodle Exercise Routine

  1. Good one!!!! I think the most ambition I have in the morning is getting the coffee pot up and running……..then I can think about doing the same myself!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  2. took a drawing class couple weeks ago, turns out the warm up for drawing is doodling. I can doodle, I just can’t draw, haha. There is a difference.

  3. Drawing the squares first has given the entire exercise structure. You are a smart lady Lori. My book and pencils sit beside me( and my computer) in the mornings. The blank pages are over whelming. NOW, I can doodle! Thanks.

  4. I laughed out loud about the idea of getting up early to doodle! I have never been able to get up earlier than absolutely necessary for anything. But maybe if it is something like doodling or actually going to the machine and sewing for a few minutes, I would do it. I might have to try it.
    Loved the candy corn tutorial. As usual, I am always amazed at what you come up with.

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