8 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. I love the paintings you pick each week. I am amazed at how many beautiful paintings there are of women sewing and embroidering etc. I guess it was a normal way of life for many back in the day. Vicki commented that the colours were stunning which got me to thinking. I should view these paintings also with the eye of colours for a quilt. Not sure why I didn’t think of that before. …I guess you don’t have a list of the paintings you posted thus far. That’s an idea for another button along the top if you’re looking for some more work. ?

    • Thank you for choosing this painting. This is so beautiful and he is the famous painter of our city Groningen in the Netherlands. We are so lucky to have 2 of his paintings.
      we never saw this one, so really.:
      Thank you

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