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  1. I’m going on a 5 mile hike today up in the Smoky Mountains. Taking my camera to take pictures of the fall colors in the upper elevations. Can always use art quilt inspiration. Exercise then quilting¿

  2. Hi Lori I must buy some more thread to the quilt that I am FMQ for the moment. I am participating in a blog hop where we sew puppy blocks. And I am ready for the background quilting now. I haven´t decided yet what pattern to quilt in the background, but I think it will be something with flowers as some parts of the heads of the puppies are sewn with old fashioned flower fabric. So far it has turned out very cute.

  3. You are an amazing woman. I don’t know where YOU find the time to education your followers everyday with a different lesson. I took up sewing after I retired and I’m addicted. Every morning, I check out your blog, walk the dog for about an hour and head down to my sewing room to see what I can make. Love you photography page too. I take my camera everywhere.

  4. Exercise is a priority it my life because I made it so. I work full time so I exercise at lunch time. I also make time to quilt because it bring me joy. My house is not perfect but my kids are well taken care of and I take care of myself.

    • Over 40 years ago, I started walking in the evening after dinner was over and the kitchen was cleaned up. About 30 years ago, a friend joined me and we walked several evenings a week together. Now I am retired and I walk early in the morning to beat the heat. My house was never perfect, My kids were well taken care of. And I enjoy good health because I have always been a walker,

  5. I love your minnesota machine. First. I read your blog. Then coffee. Then very little house work. Then I head to the quilting room. I do longarming. So I guess exercise comes last. This order is flexible and subject to change. But everyday s good. Lol. Linda

  6. A little long arm at my sewing club, shopping for a party, then all the prep for the party, with a little luck I will have time to do a bit of piecing for my goal of 5 lap quilts for Christmas. Thanks for your blog, you always have wonderful ideas and thoughts to share

  7. Our guavas are so ripe, they are falling off the tree. After being out of town, they really got my attention as a priority or lose the fruit. Soooo, today I will be preserving guava fruit as jelly as the starting activity. Then I will be working on a patchwork pumpkin for our guild Autumn block swap. Of course, I read The Inbox Jaunt as my actual priority! Glad to be back in town to our house that has wifi !

      • Congenital mitral valve repair went well. Rehab was survivable LOL ! Finally getting back to “normal” life at my sewing machine and enjoying being outdoors some in our good weather. I was indoors for 8 weeks of my “incarceration” LOL. Now I plan to resume my quilting and live 30 more years! At 4-5 quilts a year that is 150 more. That might just clear out my stash ! Let me praise medical staff….. they are so underpaid for what they do. I appreciate them. My Inbox saved all The Inbox Jaunt posts. I will soon catch up. Thank you for being there.

  8. I Feel the same way. My kids are off school today so I’m going to enjoy them. My kindergartener wants me to finish quilting his quilt though so they might get a movie after lunch so I can sneak a little quilting in.

  9. Hi, Lori! I already decided what to do today… first of all, I will check my email and surf the net for an hour or little less, while I have breakfast. Then, I’ll attend my hydrotherapy – at noon – and after lunch I will keep on quilting my daughter’s quilt until my eyes beging to itch ?
    I wish you have a beautiful and fruitful day ☺

    (I’m sorry for my English. I wish you understand what I wrote)

  10. Daily Dog hair duty, organize some sewing , get the laundry going.. Coffee!! Lots of coffee and a quick run through my email and instagram. That always seems to start my day. I’m ignoring yet another batch of tomatoes for today anyhow. I’ve been terrible about my exercise… Need to work on that. ??

  11. Oh boy, did you hit a nerve. It is so easy to say “I can do that later.” And then realize later never came. I am trying to do a little house work early, then sewing during the day and then knitting in the evening. Since I now live alone, it is easy to let the housework go. So every now and then I invite someone over just so I will get it all done at once. 🙂

  12. Every day is a race for me.
    I have always been very very um….. hyper
    So, right now, checking emails to see if there are any emergencies (dad and mom)
    then scarf breakfast.
    Every day I sort of decide what I want to do. The past two years are different for me.
    Before, I used to sew and walk in our neighborhood that is like a park with streams and paths in the woods, come home play the piano for two hours, goof off etc rinse and repeat
    Now I have a treadmill
    Just easier and then I can watch stoopid tv, or read blogs, or listen to bouncy music (mostly Oscar Peterson) then I sew and maybe pull a weed or two, At two o clock I go to my parents until 5. Then I come home and we eat Stouffers or other prepared foods from Wegmans. I try to eat properly (hahahahaaaa) then I sew or do chores like clean the bathrooms. I never dust. I vacuum upstairs a lot because that is where the litter boxes are.
    I would love to sew all day. I have done that a few times and it was enjoyable.
    My husband went to my younger daughter all day a few weeks ago to help her pack for a local move. I stayed home (hate packing, we did so much of that two years ago for my parents) So I stayed home and played the piano and sewed
    My parents need me. I do leave them a few days by themselves but my dad is exhausted. He does everything. We have a wonderful care giver, Karen. She is an angel. Really she is just the most perfect person, a treasure.
    Today I have to shop for provisions. I do not really enjoy driving all over the creation
    On Tuesday I spent the entire day at my daughter, playing with Sarah and taking cute pictures of her with a big number 4 we bought from Hobby lobby. She is 4 months old now
    I have to go now. Buh-bye

  13. I have been getting up earlier so I can get my 10k steps in every day…. 3 laps around the block with the dog does it for me. Shower then breakfast then email check . Customer quilting 9-1. Lunch, then housework, paperwork, shopping when necessary and start dinner. I’ll do some of my quilt work or handpiecing after dinner/until bedtime. Since my washer/dryer are in the basement near my quilter I can start a load of wash and then take a short break from quilting to transfer to dryer and/or start the next load. I don’t have a magazine perfect house, but I manage to get it all the necessities done.

  14. With first frost due on Saturday, I will be moving about 20 geraniums and assorted other plants into the house today. Then picking up multiple garden cart loads of black walnuts (on neighbor’s property) and dumping them out back. That will be my exercise for today! Then if time and energy allow, I’ll cut more strips for two projects for an upcoming quilt retreat. No (indoor) housework today.

  15. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Aug. I was strongly advised by my oncologist/surgeon to walk at least 45 mins per day. 50% chance of an extended life span. My surgery was successful, and I’m on anti estrogen meds plus radiation as a precaution for further tumor occurrence. Get those mammograms ladies. I now walk those walks daily. So exercise first. Then sew.

    • SO glad to hear you are encouraged to walk -the statistics for the benefits are amazing- don’t hear enough of that.

      • My 85 yr old neighbor has been a breast cancer survivor for several years. Doc told her to walk, and she does…..Neighborhood sets their clocks by her schedule, lol! Three times a day, rain, snow, heat, whatever! She’s probably healthier than most of us?

    • Blessings to you–50% is an awesome incentive. My sister died from heart failure, brought on by chemotherapy — stage 4 invasive breast cancer. I’m happy for your successful surgery and hope your life continues to be blessed.

    • My quilter friend is about to celebrate her 25th anniv. of active life after double mastectomy and other treatments. We are celebrating with her. Be encouraged !!

  16. Exercise by walking from sewing machine to ironing board, leaving housework to children as their inheritance, making quilts which makes me happy and therefore not a grouchy old lady 🙂 trully do some of each everyday, order decided by appointments.

  17. I’ve had a difficult time getting in exercise until I decided that I can’t sew until I get it done. Now sometimes I don’t get to sew at all or until very late since I procrastinate, but I do get the exercise in now. The exercise isn’t what I prefer to do, but if I’m strong I will be able to sew and do the other things I want to do. 🙂

  18. Today is preparing for tomorrow. Going to Pacific International Quilt Festival and making my list so I don’t spend my left leg. Thread, Tools for the Longarm, new unusual patterns… got camera, comfy shoes and $$$.

  19. Meeting some quilt friends for coffee then back home to work on some blocks
    It’s a good day!!
    Did housework yesterday ?

  20. Morning with Dr Gorgeous for a follow up of my broken arm, then quilting. And later a Cat Committee meeting that will be contentious. Everyone thinks they are right and I am Madam President, so I KNOW I am right!!!!

  21. i am getting ready for out quilt guild meeting tonight. It is a demonstration of several different quilting techniques, Hand quilting , Machine quilting, Machine applique, Thread painting, and Wool applique. Lots to get ready for. I am doing Machine quilting. Hope it goes well.

  22. All of the above. I’m “retired” with aging parents and local family. Every day is different, but the same – housework, family, quilting, gardening, reading. It’s always a juggling act, but after dinner is “my” time!

  23. Exercising through housework and getting the last of the tender garden produce out since we’re expecting a freeze here in SD tonight. Maybe I’ll relax a little and sew some binding on a quilt!

  24. Babysitting just one grandbaby, the littlest one. And working. And dreaming of retirement.

    If I’m lucky I can get some sewing time in after dinner. Maybe.

  25. Wow! Lots of comments today!
    I will be heading over to a friend’s for Play Day – a monthly get together to “play” at art quilt techniques. Today’s subject is Fibonacci Numbers/Golden Rule. Hope that I can translate that into some kind of project. Hmmm. Numbers can be scary.

  26. I sort of plan a week at a time. Tuesday is my all day sew day. I try to do grocery shopping on Fridays. I usually sew 5 -6 nights a week. Hubby watches movies, I sew. Everything else gets worked on during the day but I don’t stress about anything. I’ve learned (took me a long time) if the house isn’t perfect it’s not the end of the world. It’s more important to take care of yourself and enjoy your friends and family. I still have a clean house but it’s a lot more fun keeping it clean… Lori…you ask such great questions.

  27. An hour of housework and chores while drinking my morning smoothie of whey, fruit, and spinach and ginger, then a quick breeze through email. Then an hour of swimming, get dressed. And hour of errands ( which I detest), then lunch. Then, an hour or two working on a poster board project for a dear friend at his request…then, finally, sewing from 3 to 6! Dinner is already made, just take the casserole out of the freezer and heat it up to feed my starving husband, followed by a few hours spent with him before bed.

  28. I exercise everyday, 7 days a week, walking the dog, and going to the gym. Just a daily habit to get through the long dark cold winters in Alaska. That being said, I purposely put my ironing board at the far end of my long arm and sewing machines so I would have to get up and walk. And every time I sit down, I do a couple of squats as I get into my chair. When my TV is on for noise, I do a 30 second stretch when the commercials come on… I’m not as rigorous on that one because I’m not really watching it, just on for noise and sometimes I miss the commercials lol. And every time I roll my long arm, I stretch (TV isn’t on). By building in exercise and stretching to everyday activities, you will be able to quilt longer without the fatigue and your brain and body will thank you too!

  29. Went shopping this morning. Lots of steps, but it’s so beautiful outside I think a walk is in order before I sew the binding on a quilt I made specially for my granddaughter. She’ll be so surprised! Oh housework? Tomorrow is a rainy day – perfect for housework!

  30. Between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. I hand sewed the binding on a mini quilt, chopped a million veggies, made home made soup and cleaned up the kitchen. So – all of it!

  31. Loved reading all the ways that women work and relax! I recently started exercising in the morning before work – goal of 3 days per week- then the hardest part of my day is done and I don’t have to give any more thought to that. That has also given me more energy for the day and evening – so then I have the energy to sew in the evening. I also like to combine my hobbies – so when I can sew and listen to a book on tape, it’s a win/win. I saw a competition of women who walk while they knit—don’t think I can translate that into sewing but it is an interesting thought…………

  32. I’ve already taken my yoga class today. A quick email check, lunch, then down to my sewing studio to work on my hubby’s Christmas present.

  33. Okay, so being a nurse, I know the importance of exercise. Not just housework, or gardening tasks. But regular, consistent exercise. So, I make sure I get my exercise done 1st thing in the morning. That way, I’m not dogged by my conscience telling me, “don’t sit down in front of that sewing machine, you haven’t exercised, today!” I walk about 2 1/2 miles in the hills, 3 times a week, first thing in the morning before I start work, and I lift in the gym with a trainer 3 times a week, again, before I go to work. I start my days early, get my exercise out of the way, and that way, if I have time for a 30 min. treadmill in the evening, I can squeeze that in. Our wonderful quilting hobby is SO very sedentary, we really, really need to move more. And in a significant, bone stress way. Make yourself develop those habits, and “treat” yourself then, to quilting! I can sit down in front of my sewing machine guilt-free, knowing I took care of my body, first, and now I’m ready to take care of my spirit at my machine 🙂

  34. Typical work day – up early, to work early, walk at noon for 20-30 minutes (lots of shops near office – if I leave my wallet behind I can get in a good walk), home at 5, try to walk another 20 -30 min or check out yard, garden, flowers as long as daylight lets me. Once dark, quick supper then to sewing room. Weekends grandchildren, quilting and gardening ( depending on weather). Wear a fitbit and try to get 10,000 steps a day – usually the extra weekend activity rounds out the weekday deficits.

  35. I do about the same things you mentioned but I come to realize that if I don’t take of myself I can not all of the other. So exercise and caring myself is top priority and everything else most of the time just happen.

  36. I have the same dilemma. I try to play head games with myself. If I run the sweeper and dust for 20 minutes or do the laundry or whatever is on the to do list then I have the rest of the day to do as I want. I do try to walk every day at least 30 minutes just because I feel so much better when I do and it helps my arthritis. Can you tell I’m lucky enough to be retired. Makes life so much easier. Truly blessed!!

  37. I’m going to start the day by taking my dad to our local farmer’s market – they have a coffee shop, and it’s a great place for him to socialize (he has dementia). This afternoon, I’m training a new volunteer for our church library, and tonight, I’ll be watching my beloved Toronto Blue Jays play in the first game of the ALCS while I quilt a “Plus” quilt for a family that lost a son and their house, in a huge fire a week and a half ago.
    The sun is shining and any leaves that didn’t come off the trees last night are aglow – I’m going to snap a few pics before dad and I leave… God is the greatest artist!

  38. This is a no brainier for me. I ALWAYS put my exercise as a priority, housework next and then what ever time I have left over is for quilting. That said I am always so impressed with all of you folks that take the time to share so much on your blogs. I don’t see how you find the time. Thanks for all you share!

  39. I work full time, but telecommute, so working from my office at home, which is fantastic. I’ll walk 5 miles total for 10,000 plus steps, something I do every day. I wear a Fitbit pedometer to make sure. When the weather is nice, I take a 2 or 3 mile walk outdoors for a part of that 10,000 steps. If weather is bad, I walk that 2 or 3 miles on the treadmill. I started walking every day 15 years ago with my dogs. The dogs are gone now, but I’m still walking. I’ll work, walk, sew, and possibly cook. Or not, on the cooking, lol. I did a marathon housecleaning & shopping this past weekend. I’m starting a new quilt, a memory quilt for my daughter-in-law made with her recently deceased father’s shirts; and will be loading a finished quilt top on the long arm frame today.

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