Monday Morning: Coffee and…


AQ Magazine, LKennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Are YOU ready to start your week?

AQ Magazine, LKennedyI’m procrastinating….and would LOVE it if you would join me for a cup of coffee, a little light reading and a bit of doodling!

AQ Magazine, LKennedyAs you may recall, I have a column in American Quilter Magazine and the November issue is on news stands now.  This month–great motifs for Beginners!

The dusting and paperwork–meh!

NOTE–I just got a message from the American Quilter Society about their Fall Membership Drive–just $20!


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14 thoughts on “Monday Morning: Coffee and…

  1. Congratulations on your article. You are so generous to share all of your tutorials and tips; it’s nice to see that generosity rewarded.

  2. Happily procrastinating as well. Your pumpkin still looks awesome– maybe that’s how I should start my day! <3

  3. Well, THIS morning I do have to “break down” and vacuum before I head to the machine(s)!!!! White/light threads on forest green livingroom carpet has finally gotten the best of me!!! LOL!!!!! BUT, I have no intentions of getting carried away with it……..well…..maybe a load or 2 of laundry (after-all, it IS Monday!!!! LOL!!!!).

  4. I have it in front of me right now! Need to do some housework first, then a friend is coming over for a quilty “craft day”. We’ll check out your column together!

  5. Lori, I as many of your admirers am so enamoured by your talent that I often find myself simply enjoying your latest creation. Later I will return & have a go at the how– we are so fortunate to have one so generous in the spirit of sharing such a God given talent I hope I can find the magazine today, congratulations. Thank you ever so much.

  6. On my second cuppa and catching up on a few blogs that I haven’t gotten to visit much this summer…man the time just flew. The cool wind howling this morning seemed to give me permission to sit for a few:). And the procrastinating…I have a huge batch of tomatoes to do again this morning…it’s getting closer to the end! I will be glad to have them this winter!
    I really like how they set up your article. It’s easy to follow and pretty pics. I just love your designs too…the pumpkins are especially fun!
    Well make it a great week! Loved the tiny toes IG post. I’m still kissing on Charlie’s tootsies. 🙂

  7. Looks like a great tutorial – I am looking forward to getting my copy! It is amazing how you can make so many designs with minor adjustments- you have me convinced that I can do this.
    BTW- I did order the quilt kit and though I didn’t respond to your posted question about quilt kits want to add to the discussion now. I agree with many of the comments about the downsides of kits: no artistic input from the quilter, etc. but in this case, I loved the look just the way it is and the solid colors are not anything I have used in a long time………so, the kit “works” to simplify all the buying of all those separate colors. I am looking forward to getting it but have made a promise to finish 2 items before starting it- so no procrastinating!
    Great day for Chicago sports fans…

  8. Having coffee now. Plan to get in front of the sewing machine in just a few. Going to Costco this afternoon to buy a bunch of tables so I can doddle tonight. :-)) Have a great day.

  9. Ditto on the dusting and paperwork. My copy of the AQS magazine came last week, and I have already drooled over your doodles. I’m working on a project that will have lots of space for doodling.

  10. I’m not a morning person and I don’t drink coffee, but I’m still glad to join you. Thanks for the tip about AQS. I ordered a subscription. I hate that it takes so long to get the first issue, and you don’t know what issue they will start with. I’ll just have to wait and see what I get.

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