Doodle a Pumpkin!

Pumpkin DoodlesGood Morning, Quilters!

  “I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion”

–Henry David Thoreau

(I wonder if Mr. Thoreau ever saw the  gorgeous velvet pumpkins available now—I’d like to see the philosophical pretzel twisting to decide where to sit then!?)

Our friend, Andrea has a pumpkin tutorial HERE — now where to find some velvet???

We couldn’t have a week of pumpkins without a little doodling….


It’s EASY– pumpkins are so irregular in nature–one simply can’t go wrong!

Pumpkin DoodlesBegin by drawing an oval.

On either side of the oval, attach an elongated letter “C” and a reverse letter “C”.

Pumpkin DoodlesNow add another “C” and reverse “C”–this time draw the “C’s” a little taller.

Pumpkin Doodles

Add a stem…

Pumpkin DoodlesAnd quilt  doodle as desired!
Pumpkin DoodlesDon’t stop at one…Pumpkin DoodlesWhen you’re finished doodling–Quilt a pillow…

and ENTER TO WIN  the Free Motion Quilt Challenge for October at QuiltShopGirl…

I’d LOVE it–if an Inbox “Jaunter” won!–There are so many great prizes!

From Stillwater to Sleepy Hollow–

Happy Quilting!


NOTE-The background quilt is one of my daughter’s college quilts–heavily quilted and ULTRA SOFT!

More photos to come…

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  1. I did the pumpkin challenge but didn’t make it a pillow but a table topper. Can you only enter the contest with a pillow?

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