Transfer Techniques and a Makeshift Light Box

Window Light Box, LKennedy, The Inbox JauntGood Morning, Quilters!

Tomorrow is the BIG REVEAL for the Pumpkin FMQ tutorial and challenge at QuiltShopGal.

If you have time, get a few pieces of solid Halloween colored fabric ready –sizes from 12 inch square to 15 inch square.

We will be transferring this downloadable pumpkin design onto our fabric.  If you don’t have a lightbox, use your window.  Simply tape your pattern to a window and then tape your fabric over the pattern.  This method works even for fairly dark fabrics.  (If your fabric is light enough the pumpkin may show through without the window.)Window Light Box, LKennedy, The Inbox Jaunt

There are dozens of transfer techniques…

What’s YOUR favorite?

We’d love to hear!


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29 thoughts on “Transfer Techniques and a Makeshift Light Box

  1. My makeshift lightbox is usually the flashlight from my camera put under an acrylic square ruler that is being held up by a couple of books. It actually works pretty well. I used to use my Ott Lite under the ruler but then had to haul out a stack of books to fit it under. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

  2. My husband built me a nice box fitted with tempered glass and then we got a battery operated strip light that lies inside the box. On really dark fabrics I also use my daylight lamp.

  3. These are ingenious, aren’t quilters difficult to stop from completing a project? i love it.
    My “light box” is an old table with a glass top found with a trash can on pick up day. It is in fairly good condition, (don’t know why it was discarded), but with a small lamp it works perfectly.

  4. I was watching a video recently (I think on The Quilt Show) where the tip was given that if you have one of those clear sewing machine extension tables and a flashlight function on your cell phone, you can put the phone under the table and use that as a light box.

    I’ve also put a lamp under a glass-top side table that I have and used that for a light box when I need to transfer large designs. The window is definitely the go to for smaller designs.

  5. In the past I’ve used a window or transfer pencil. I have one of those clear extension tables for my sewing machine & my cell phone has a flashlight that’s pretty bright. Thanks for that tip ladies! Never occurred to me, although I have seen the glass table idea before.

  6. I use a beautiful ready made 24″ light table with a light strip underneath, I bought it years ago when I was doing Baltimore Album blocks. It is handy :0)
    I heard some talk about the Frixion pens not being good for fabric, I love using them and haven’t had any problems with them……..have any of you?
    Can’t wait for the pumpkin tutorial……Thanks so much Lori

  7. I use the bottom of my project box with a LED hand-held flashlight under it. It works amazing and I don’t have to store anything extra. I also use my windows for very large tracings.

  8. My acrylic sewing machine top it very handy for a light box and my cell phone flashlight. I use old slivers of soap for my marking pen many times. It comes out in the wash or spritz it with water and iron it. I always have little pieces soap left, I have them all over my sewing room handy to mark something. My frixion pens are all over my room too. One black the other white ready for any marking situation.

  9. I’m responding to the comment about the Frixion pens. The last thing I read about this (just this week!) was about comprehensive testing done by a gal who wanted to see for herself what can happen with Frixion pens. She also enlisted the help of a Frixion representative. Bottom line: 1) the pens are not designed for fabric…2) they use 2 kinds of ink, one which becomes invisible and one that is gel ink, which will iron away due to the invisible stuff, but can reappear…3) the reappearing comes in cold conditions, the rep said 30 degrees or less. She has heard complaints of the ink reappearing in competition quilts. The gel ink can be removed with some serious ink stain remover. Bottom line for me is, I still use Frixion pens liberally. I do not make competition quilts, I don’t take them or send them anywhere NEAR that cold, and I don’t put my quilts in the freezer (haha). I have never had a problem in my 18 years of quilting.

  10. I just have a question. Where I go to get the downloadable pattern? I use to use the window until I was able to buy a light box.

  11. I use my SewEasy extension table and a cheap press on light that folks buy for closets where there is no electrical source. Works great! Of course, the window has always been my “go to” if I am too lazy to set up the other! ?

  12. I use the window method. My husband made a light box out of an old scanner. Works great but not easy to get out and I don’t have a place to keep it out

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