The Spooky Spider-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Spiders.LKennedy.FMQ002Good Morning, Quilters!

Are you ready to squirm and squeal??  Halloween is just around the corner–and what can give a fright faster than the dreaded…


I’m not sure which makes me shudder more–a mouse, a snake or a spider!

Today’s tutorial was inspired by a reader of The Inbox Jaunt–thanks, Jane!  When Jane saw the Dots and Daisies tutorial she recommended a slight variation to create this spider.

NOTE–Spiders have EIGHT LEGS!–In this tutorial, I’ve used a little creative license to make it a bit easier—(think of it as the other two legs are behind the spider and not visible)–Or stitch eight legs!


Begin by drawing a line or a series of lines if you are using this as a background fill pattern.

Begin stitching on the line.  Stitch a slightly wavy line and a circle or slight oval.

Spiders.LKennedy.FMQ004Stitch ON the circle several stitches to begin the legs…
Spiders.LKennedy.FMQ005Stitch a curvy line to create the first leg.
Spiders.LKennedy.FMQ006 Echo stitch back to the Spider body and then add two more legs in the same way.

Make each leg the same size or slightly smaller.Spiders.LKennedy.FMQ007 Stitch around the circle-ON the previous line of stitching.  (NOTE-the stitching is offset in the sample below for demonstration purposes only.)Spiders.LKennedy.FMQ008Complete the right side of the Spider with three more legs.
Spiders.LKennedy.FMQ009 Then add a line of web before beginning the next Spider.Spiders.LKennedy.FMQ010

Spiders, FMQ, Tutorial, Lori Kennedy, The Inbox JauntCreeepy Crawley!!!

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27 thoughts on “The Spooky Spider-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

  1. Great idea for the season, Lori. In spite of the fact that spiders have 8 legs, it’s awfully cute. Love your ideas

  2. How adorable! And just in the right time…I’ve been thinking about Halloween quilting..I might change one thing though….Spiders aren’t insects with 6 legs…they are arachnids with 8 legs so I’ll be adding a couple more…lol. Thanks so much, Lori…your generosity with sharing these wonderful motifs is absolutely amazing. You could make a FORTUNE by publishing and selling these…I know we’d just about all buy those books. You are a dear. Blessings.

  3. I’m sure Lori is like me, I never stuck around a spider very long to count their legs. I like the six legs, who says they have to be realistic. They look like spiders to me.

  4. Cute, but I am with a lot of the other gals, eight legs would be my choice! Thanks as always for all the inspiration!

  5. Just love the zip of color on your banner above the blog title! Make me want to make something in purple. Hmmm….maybe a spooky spider?

  6. Snakes definitely make me shudder more lol! But spiders and mouses Def on the icky list! I like your spider.. Cute for Halloween! I love purple in the fall and Halloween decor too!

  7. Lori, you’re good. Even your quilted spiders gave me the willies. ewwwwwww! This is i=one motif that I won’t practice. Spider webs, maybe. Spiders, No! 🙂

  8. Most spiders have 2 body parts except for arachnids in the order Opiliones, they have only one. They are commonly known as daddy long legs. If you want to go more complex and add the 2 “hidden” legs and body segment all the legs go on the front section. Pat, retired science teacher. Cute motif.

  9. Love it. I am a Halloween freak who has been talking about learning to free motion quilt for a couple of years now. I think your spideys might just do the trick.

    Definitely in glow-in-the-dark thread. I’ve used The Nite Lite quite a bit and it works really well in my machine. I don’t even have to play with the tension settings.

    Thanks a lot for this great design.

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