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Flowers on Linen, FMQ, LKennedy, The Inbox JauntHappy Monday, Quilters!

On Friday, I promised you I would stay focused on my Big Three–the three quilts that are most important to me–and I have been good  pretty good…but when an idea hits…

As you know, I’ve been playing with thread lately…Over the weekend, I decided to experiment with fabric, too!

I have a box full of beautiful linen from an abandoned home dec project and I would really like to find a good use for it.  Flowers on Linen, FMQ, LKennedy, The Inbox JauntI stitched up this little posy of Forget-Me-Knots, using an assortment of thread.Flowers on Linen, FMQ, LKennedy, The Inbox JauntThe plan is to measure the sample, then wash it to see how it looks and how it shrinks.

To be continued…

What about YOU?  Have you ever tried quilting on non-traditional quilting fabrics?

How did it turn out?

We’d love to hear!


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17 thoughts on “Creative Work (Play?)

  1. I did a linen quilt. Slippery as all get out, but I would do it again. The finished results was SO soft and fluid.

  2. Oh this looks so beautiful. I have a small piece of linen in the same color. It was in my mom’s stash, I think she made a dress from it.
    This is beautiful. I prewashed my remnant and it came out perfectly.
    I love the quilting you made, Just beautiful. It looks very elegant

  3. I just finished a baby quilt using unwashed charm squares for the top in a wonky star pattern, no batting and a one piece minky back. I worried about the pieced top shrinking disproportionately to the minky back but I washed it and it looks great– no shrinkage.

  4. Lori, this is gorgeous.

    I have free motion quilted on corduroy and “love” how it looks. I’ve also done it on silk and polyester lining. Quilting on the polyester lining was very challenging but pretty when it was done; I will never attempt it again though, too much trouble. The silk is gorgeous when quilted. I’ve not played with thread and thread colors as much. I am loving your posts. In a pinch I have used fleece for the back of baby quilts and no batting, quilted through the cotton and fleece and they turn out nicely, too.
    Happy Monday!

    • I, too, have used fleece without batting for the back of baby quilts — it makes them a bit lighter for summer use.

  5. Love your flower. Purples are my favorite colors. I wish I could just come up with those sort of designs, but I guess that is why I follow your blog. I have used faux suede as a background once. It turned out different. You saw the impressions of the stitching not the stitching. Just finished a mile a minute quilt with 30 different squares in it. It is screaming quilt me. Finally found a place to practice my FMQ skills and put it to good use. It is going to be a quilt for a deserving child in a local school our guild has adopted.

  6. When I took Cindy Needham’s Wholecloth Quilts class on Craftsy, linen was one of our fabrics. I like the “vintage” look. For baby quilts, I use a single layer of high quality flannel instead of traditional batting. It gives a softer drape and less bulky “baby wrap”.

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