Doodling Lines and Triangles

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Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

Today we are back to the drawing board where all good quilts begin!

On Tuesday, we used straight lines to fill in triangles in a border.  Our doodle this week is an extension of that lesson–so please review that before going on…

Grab your sketchbooks and draw parallel lines.

For the purpose of sketching, it is easiest if the lines are 1 to 1-1/2 inches apart.  Once you choose a few designs that you really like, then doodle them in the size you need for your quilt.

Use a pencil to add the “triangle” lines as we did in the Tuesday Tutorial.

Try a few variations–squiggly line or jagged lines…add your own variations.

DoodletoQuilt.LKennedy003Next use your pencil to draw parallel lines instead of triangles.  This immediately changes the look!

In the Tuesday Tutorial we added spirals between the rows…

What if we added the Spirals within the design?

DoodletoQuilt.LKennedy004 Love this too!

The first one is very modern and the other one looks Christmasy to me!DoodletoQuilt.LKennedy005 I love straight lines and triangles!

The motif below is The Pretty Posy-Find the tutorial HEREDoodletoQuilt.LKennedy006

Now it’s YOUR turn!  What motifs can you design with straight lines, triangles, spirals and YOUR doodle?

We’d love to SEE!

Doodle a day!


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7 thoughts on “Doodling Lines and Triangles

  1. I have been having so much fun quilting some place mats lately. I place my tablet with your designs on it next to my machine and create away!!! I have been quilting for 30 plus years and love your inspiration!

  2. I worked on this in the waiting room with my dad. He had a doc appointment.
    Every one stared at me…. lol
    For a moment I wondered what they were thinking, meh who cares.
    It was fun. I used my blue gel pen

    • Doodling is great for all that “down time” when you can’t stitch! Glad to hear you are using the time doodling instead of reading those dusty magazines in most doctor’s offices!

      • Oh my gosh. Lori, my dad reads the Medical “magazines” you know the ones that tell you all about doctors and treatments available in your neighborhood and new discoveries…..
        He found some practice that claims they can hypnotize stroke patients. Well, first off, no. Secondly, the practice is in Falls Church, like 35 miles away, not thanks. Besides, I am sure they will not hypnotize a 92 year old cutiepie lady.
        He finds all kinds of stuff. I never knew he was such an easy sell

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