Fall Harvest Quilt

Pumpkins, Corn, Fall Quilt, LKennedy, FMQHappy Fall, Quilters!

It’s that time of year again–the sun starts showing up late and leaving early…

While we anticipate winter, we are treated with the glorious bounty and colors of autumn….

And here in Minnesota–Autumn is gorgeous!

Pumpkins, Corn, Fall Quilt, LKennedy, FMQTHE THREAD PALETTE

I used several threads to create this little quilt including Sulky Rayon 40wt, Sulky cotton 30 wt…

Pumpkins, Corn, Fall Quilt, LKennedy, FMQI also found this absolutely perfect variegated thread from Superior–perfect to add just a bit of color to a Fall quilt!  (I’ll be buying more of this today!)Pumpkins, Corn, Fall Quilt, LKennedy, FMQAnd I used Aurifil cotton 50 wt on top and in the bobbin.  Aurifil cotton is a great all-purpose thread.  It works well in the bobbin because it knots well with the more slippery fibers used on top like Rayon and polyester.  On the top of the quilt, it provides a nice contrast to the shinier threads.

Pumpkins, Corn, Fall Quilt, LKennedy, FMQHARVEST YOUR THREADS

In honor of fall…

Challenge yourself to try a few new threads to create different effects in YOUR next quilt.  Keep it safe by using threads in one color palette–

Or choose all the colors of the Farmers’ Market and really make it interesting!

The key is to try new threads–they can really make a difference in the look of your quilt.Pumpkins, Corn, Fall Quilt, LKennedy, FMQMay your harvest be bountiful!


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36 thoughts on “Fall Harvest Quilt

  1. hi Lori, finally spring has started and the country up north where I live is getting warmer, thank goodness, had enough of the cold! 14c and we are so cold and shivering so the heat comes on! In the middle of the north island they are still skiing and snow is still falling on Mt Ruapehu. So get ready for a lot of quilt sewing as my sewing room will be a lot more friendly! kind regards from Auckland New Zealand, Tina

  2. All I can say is wow! This is just beautiful, it reminds me of the black dirt farming here in New York. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

  3. Lovely Lori, your talent is now hitting “the world stage” with a new grandson soon to boast, “Yes, that is my Grammy’s creation.” Your life is so full at this point you must be running to catch up. Just enjoy each moment….

  4. Hi Lorie…thanks for your generous sharing! Question: I think you’ve written that you typically use Aurifill cotton 50 in the bobbin. When do you use it on the top as well, as stated above? You have given me so much help and inspiration! Can’t thank you enough…

    • I would say it all depends on the look you want. Aurifil cotton definitely isn’t “showy,” where the Sulky Rayon 30 or 40 wt definitely is. I like Glide 40 weight polyester myself, for every day use, which is easy but still shiny. Connecting Threads makes 50 weight cottons that work well in my machines, at an AMAZING price.

    • I use Aurifil cotton 50 wt when I want to create texture–when the quilting is not “center stage”. It is a low sheen thread, but it does have a light sheen. Each thread fiber has it’s own “look”–sometimes I choose the thread based on that, other times I choose a thread just because it is the right color.

  5. Really cute.
    I just put the Fall decorations out front of my parents apartment at Ashby Ponds, the most amazing and fantastic old farts’ neighborhood in Loudoun County VA.
    This is an adorable motif, Lori!

  6. Lovely, just LOVELY!! By the way, the purple photo in the middle, with the overlapping circles is making me crazy! I just stare and stare at it! So much to look at on your site!!! xoxo

  7. First I’m thinking how interesting that you used a curved line to separate the groupings but then INHALED and dropped my mouth open when I saw the pumpkins in the row! WOW!!!

  8. Love this little quilt – reminds me of Zentangles. Question: why sometimes use Aurifil 50 wt in the bobbin? I usually use Bottom Line or the same thread that I use on top (unless I’m using King Tut)? I guess I need to order some Aurifil to try out!

    • I always have Aurifil around as a general purpose sewing thread–it is low lint which is great in the bobbin and cotton has a little texture to it so it lock stitches well with the more slippery threads like Rayon and polyester. Do try Aurifil. It’s lovely!

  9. Your quilting sometimes brings tears to my eyes – like today. Your stitching is so gorgeous and artistic. I try and I practice and I get some better…and you always are an inspiratlion.

  10. Love it, love it, love it! You did a great job, Lori! I like the mix of straight and curved lines. Fall is my favorite season.

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