The Delicious Apple-A Free Motion (Long Arm) Quilt Tutorial

Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

It’s always sad to see the school buses round the corner…

It’s Back to School here in Minnesota-a bit earlier this year.

Honestly…it’s mixed emotions for most of us--It means more quilting time!!!

Let’s kick off the school year with a Delicious Apple!


Starting today, I’ll be giving each tutorial a Grade–Beginner, Easy or Intermediate

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I plan to grade ALL of the tutorials so that you will be able to search for your skill level.  (This will take some time.)

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Also, if YOU disagree with a grade…Please let me know!

Today’s tutorial:   The Delicious Apple =  EASY


Begin by drawing two parallel lines.  (The lines in this tutorial are 1-1/4 inch apart.)

Begin stitching on the bottom line.  Stitch a fat letter “c” –brush the top line and end below the top line.

Apple, FMQ, LKennedy


Stitch straight up to create the stem.  Stitch across two-three stitches then back down to the drawn line.  Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

Add a leaf with a small vein. Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

Finish stitching the stem, then stitch the right side of the apple by mirroring the left side.Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

When you reach the bottom line stitch a slight wave to create the bottom of the Apple.Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

Stitch on the bottom line back to the right to create the next apple in the chain.Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

Or add a little something extra!Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

Now wasn’t that EASY?

Makes a great border on any quilt, or computer cover, or school bag, OR

Combine it with the EASY as PIE tutorialand you have a theme going!!!

With the kiddies off at school…

Let’s get some deep housecleaning done

Let’s do our paperwork

Let’s go to the gym

Who am I kidding!?

 Let’s QUILT!!!


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13 thoughts on “The Delicious Apple-A Free Motion (Long Arm) Quilt Tutorial

  1. Wow, kids are back to school already? Here in Canada, they don’t go back til September 8th!! That’s the latest it ever is. But, I think you are out earlier in the US? Kids get out at the end of June here. Love the apple…will have to get out some red and do it! Hubby is a teacher so something for his office with apples would be perfect :-).

  2. Suuweeet! Thank you, Lori!
    Your instructions make it easy to doodle the designs.
    I have a new puppy! It’s almost like having a new baby!
    Do you have a puppy, bone, border doodle!
    Have a great day!

  3. even when you have college aged kids, that back to school , now the house is quiet, even hubby is out of the house day arrives! Today is that day for me! I do have a few small errands to do…getting ready for vacation. But leftover dinner in the fridge means. MORE QUILTING time! Yipppeee!

  4. Our kids are back to school…well “my” kids are grown…but school has started here…my middle daughter is an 8th grade science teacher and she’s been back to school for 2 weeks now and my grandson started pre-school yesterday! The apple is very nice and so easy….but that little worm…what a darling addition…and it really makes the apple special. I think a row of apples would make a lovely sashing design…with a little worm here and there. Thank you, Lori….

  5. Just curious I am new to your blog and I want to know what kind of sewing machine you have to do all your amazing designs

  6. that is what I want for the quilt I have almost finished for young Amy and it has cup cakes on it which I followed with free motion stitches! Now the borders so I will put the apples on that, thank you, looks really easy and love the worm!

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