11 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. this is why I’m so thankful for the invent of AudioBooks. I can sew and listen. My gram told me about listening to her shows on the radio. Our town used to play them on Saturday and now they have podcasts that are nothing but OldTime Radio. I LOVE it!

  2. I am both, love audiobooks as well so I can multi-task. I love their clothing, so lineny and graceful. I’ve been hunting/collecting patterns like this lately.

  3. this is quite a modern piece. I really like the colors.
    Well, the green and blue especially
    Okay, I do not sit and read, but I do have my iPad, or cell to text my girls, so that would be me, but that handsewing….. oh my. I have been working on a label for a quilt, hand embroidering for months now. I just do not like hand sewing. I am very messy.
    I really need to try books on tape.

  4. Cool painting. I’m both too–seems like the majority –so listening to a book and stitching together is heaven. I also listen to and watch my applique dvds on my lap top while stitching. When on the machine, I like quiet lovely except for the sound of the machine. Libravox has free audio books. Listening to” Woman in White” and its great!

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