Let’s Doodle a Circle Composition

Circle Doodles, LKennedyGood Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

Today is Thursday, and as we get ready for the busy weekend, let’s add a notepad and a few pens to our bags so we can squeeze in a little doodling!

Even if you are very busy…

There’s always time to doodle!

Today we are going to create a composition with circles.

Start by drawing a large square or a rectangle on your paper.

Search out a few circle templates in your house…

Spools of thread, CDs or DVDs, lids to plastic containers, cups and saucers…

I also use a set of circle templates I found at an office supply store.


Trace the circles in a random order.  For the first composition, don’t overlap any of the circles.

Circle Doodles, LKennedyNext, overlap a few of the circles.Circle Doodles, LKennedyThen fill in the whole page with circles…

Circle Doodles, LKennedyOnce you have several pages of Circles… consider making copies of your favorites by tracing or at your local office supply.

Now the real fun begins…Use your markers and start filling in the circles and the spaces.

Don’t limit yourself to flowers…Circle Doodles, LKennedy

Who needs adult coloring books when you can doodle!

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I wanna doodle-all-day!


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9 thoughts on “Let’s Doodle a Circle Composition

  1. I’m really going to start doodling now! I really like this one! I know I can do circles, but the insides are going to be tricky for me. I have a tendency to copy, rather than be creative…. even though all my friends tell me how creative I am. I don’t tell them I just “copy”. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  2. That’s a really great way of developing a quilting design. What a difference it’s makes when you overlap. I just bought a simple notebook which will be perfect for circle doodling. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lori, How are your circles so perfect? lol. A friend bought me a doodle journal to take on vacation. I wrote down all the different “doodles” from the tutorials. I will add this one and off I go.
    Thanks, Lori!

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