Last Chance to Win the Craftsy Video!

Lori Kennedy CraftsyGood Afternoon Quilters!

I’m happy to announce THE Craftsy Video will be released tomorrow, August 10th, 2015!

Just a quick reminder that you have just a few hours left to enter the drawing to win:

Divide and Conquer-Creative Quilting for Any Space

This Craftsy video is  filled with my strategies for dividing quilts and quilt blocks into a framework for adding motifs that suit your personal style!

You’ll see quilting and doodling demos and learn a few “tricks of the trade”.

So join the fun!

Enter here to WIN Craftsy/LKennedy

Lori Kennedy Craftsy

Craftsy logo

Craftsy, Lori KennedyTune in tomorrow!

The Winner will be announced


A one day Special Offer for my ever- loyal Inbox Jaunt followers!

Good luck!


21 thoughts on “Last Chance to Win the Craftsy Video!

  1. I’m really happy for you that you were approached to make this Craftsy video. I can’t imagine how wonderful it will be to SEE you doodling and quilting, in addition to reading (and practicing with) your written tutorials. I’m still a pretty timid machine quilter, but I’m getting a little more confidence with every tutorial I read.
    Good luck to you in all your endeavors, and thank you for sharing your talent with so many of us online.

  2. I am so excited for you! This class is going to be like finally meeting you face to face for the first time. How neat is that? I am sooooo anxious to do your class and watch you in action. I am happy, happy, happy. Good luck to all of us! Claudia

  3. It will be great Craftsy does such a good job. I know because I have quite a few of their tutorials.
    The real star will be you and we know you’re great. This will give you an even broader audience. You make sewing the designs easier than I first thought. Good luck Lori

  4. I can’t wait for your class to be available as I live in Australia and I’m teaching myself to quilt from many of your tutorials. It will be such a bonus to be able to WATCH you quilt instead of following a series of pictures. Looking forward to quilting along with you and I know this course will be very successful!

  5. I am a class addict! I do learn so much and can just keep watching them when I have time. They are a bargain.

  6. Trying to teach myself how to fmq and am looking forward to your craftsy class. Thanks for your work in compiling everything into a video class.

  7. Lori, can’t wait till tomorrow, love all you design and share so freely with us. One question, do we get it at crafty or here on your blog?
    Exciting day tomorrow!

  8. Having a little trouble sleeping last night in anticipation of today? No need to worry – you’ll be GREAT at always. So exciting for you and we, your faithful followers, can say once again that we know a celebrity.

    Does Craftsy sell their videos or is it strictly downloads? I’m on limited internet time so would prefer to purchase as I know I”d watch it over & over. Don’t bother answering just now. Wait til you come down from Cloud NINE which is exactly where you belong!

    Congrats – congrats – congrats

    Tavette – S. Fla.

  9. Lori,

    You look beautiful in the posted preview of your Craftsy video – I always knew you were both inside and outside – and it is great that more people can now appreciate your talent, sense of humor and style. Can’t wait to register for the class.

  10. Can’t believe the lovely friend I met at quilt retreat a few years ago is now a celebrity- couldn’t happen to a nicer person! Love your blog, the articles in the magazine and now a video-life is good. congrats. Joann

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