Doodling Wavy Lines

Doodles, LKennedyGood Morning, Quilters, Doodlers, Pie Makers and Pie Eaters!  ( I think Pumpkin Pie may have been the winner with cherry pie a close second.)

It’s Thursday, time for a little doodle exercise. (See the Doodle Exercise Library) We’re exercising our creative brain–stretching it to look at shapes in a new way.

This doodle exercise starts with wavy lines.  

Draw several wavy lines across the paper.  Try to vary the wave on each line so it doesn’t begin with “parallel” wavy lines.

Next, choose a simple shape like a triangle and fill in each row with one simple shape.

Doodles, LKennedyTry a few deep scallops.Doodles, LKennedyOr a shape from the Tuesday Tutorials like the Modern Leaf:Doodles, LKennedyTry alternating rows of design.

Also try using different pen thicknesses (see Daisy above) or different colors.
Doodles, LKennedyDo YOU see a quilt coming into clearer view?

Remember our motto:    Better Quilting Through Doodling!


Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

Just Four Days until:  Divide and Conquer:  Creative Quilting for any Space!!  where I do a little high-tech doodling in each lesson!

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Happy Doodling, Everyone!


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12 thoughts on “Doodling Wavy Lines

  1. Thanks for these doodling lessons. I am late, just starting today. I see that you are using an iPad. What program do you use to be able to doodle?

    • I used this in the Craftsy video only. Normally I use paper and pens. I’m not sure what program/tablet they use.

  2. Lori, you are amazing. I am so excited for your Craftsy class to open. Enjoying the count down and the anticipation with you. How I love to see someone using their gift and talents. Doodling onward.

  3. Especially like the one with different shapes every other line, but definitely understand the need to create same pattern shapes in the beginning. As always – so down-to-earth of you to remind us that you use simple paper and pencils to practice your designs. You don’t need fancy, expensive electronics – just basic school supplies.

    You always seem to anticipate where we might go wrong (had we not first read your tutorial) – drawing the same curve on each line vs. the better – making each curve “curve” differently. You not only save us time and aggravation by wondering why ours don’t look as good as yours but you remind us how to make it look good the first time around. That’;s a sign of an excellent teacher. Your tips aver very much appreciated.

  4. It will be great to see what you did on Craftsy in just a few days. The time seems to have just flown by since the time you announced you were going to do a Craftsy video to the reality of it. Again, we are all so proud of our favorite blogger!

  5. Looking forward to taking my first Craftsy class with YOU!!!

    You are not using an iPad but some sort of a tablet. I bet if you let us know what you are using, and what software/app you are using there will be a rush of sales on it.

    So happy for you Lori!

  6. Lori you really inspired me! When searching for freemotion-quilting I came across your blog a few weeks ago and started with your doodle-lessons. Since then, there are always a sketch book and a pen in my bag. I am doodeling on my way to work and back home and I am having so much fun and it really improved my skills. And how you have to be quick if you want to scetch a fabric-pattern on a womens skirt that just went by…..
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!
    Greetings from Munich/Germany!

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