7 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. What…. is she saying? He is listening tho. I assume the big skirts are obscuring our view of a sewing basket? The artist’s life span encompasses the era of the Titanic and Downton Abbey. Dressed like that, they must have had servants who carried their chairs and umbrella down to the beach. She could only be sewing something decorative and not be performing a mending task…servants did the mending. Maybe something to do with an underslip for a baby to wear with christening dress. I think this painting provoked my wild imagination and not contemplation this morn !

  2. This is sweet. Boy I wish I had time for this….. I am glad I did not live back in these days of olden though….. I would have been sobbing a lot about all of that clothing and no plumbing , air conditioning etc.
    Actually, on the beaches of Holland, and even in France, there are times when the beach is very comfy, and not boiling hot. Been there, done that.
    Happy Week-end

  3. One of my favorites that you have posted so far! I always enjoy seeing these! Doubt seriously they would have any from modern day.

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