Sailing Away with New Threads

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters!

I hope your summer is going swimmingly!  The weather has been perfect here…well, perfect for any outdoor activity, not for quilting–(hence my inconsistently blogging–I’ll make up for it during the Minnesota Winter when I will be able to blog twice a day!)

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingI recently acquired several new threads, so I thought I’d make a Summer Sampler with Sailboats (say that three times fast!)

This project is similar to our Quilt-a-Long Project…see all the instructions HERE.

Instead of stitching the Spools, I stitched Sailboats, Tutorial HERE

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingI worked outside of my comfort zone–using variegated threads from Sulky

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingAnd metallics…This cone from Superior is called Halo and it is marked for use in the bobbin only, but I used a size 90 Topstitch needle and it stitched really well.

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingThis metallic cone is from EnMart, a new-to-me thread line.  It stitched up beautifully as well.

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion Quilting


Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion Quilting
Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingThere are so many wonderful threads on the market these days…

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingWhat about YOU– have you tried any new threads?

Have YOU made any samplers?

We’d love to hear.

Happy Sewing, Happy Sailing,


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27 thoughts on “Sailing Away with New Threads

    • Love the sailboats and Sulky thread. I use a lot of Sulky thread, works so nice. I have a question for you. Someone told me about a webite called Metro embroidery thread. Have you ever used Metro thread or their Sigma thread? If so, what are your thoughts on it? It is very very reasonably priced, so I wondered about it.
      It is going to be 90 again today, sounds like a day to stay in and, yes, sew. Keep cool……Claudia

  1. Your comparison samplers are great! Great practice on free motion and great to see the threads! Love your blog organization now. It is so much easier to reference back to a previous thing when you just can’t quite remember how it goes. One of my sewing mottos “I know there is a better way to do this.”

  2. Love the sailboats. I am on 40′ sailboat circumnavigating Lake Superior. Right now we are in port at Tunder Bay, ON. I like Persencia thread.

  3. Thank you for mentioning the Iris Dazzling Metallic. We’ve had great success with this thread, and are confident it is one of the best available. We are also happy to send a small sample to anyone who would like to try our metallic. If anyone is interested in a sample, just let us know.

    • Kristine,
      I hope you are not overwhelmed with responses to your wonderful and generous offer of a sample of the thread Lori mentioned in her tutorial today. I am getting ready to quilt a Christmas quilt. I bought a silvery grey thread for the snowflakes, but I would love to try your dazzling metalic. My address is 411 Cottage Hill, Elmhurst, IL, 60126
      Thank you, Teri Coha

  4. Lori, I recently attended a workshop on finishing techniques, and we were asked to bring two 18″ quilt sandwiches, quilted and ready to be finished. I didn’t have anything, so I made two samplers using 8 of your free-motion tutorials. Everyone there was enamored with my samples, and I spent most of my time telling the 18 other attendees to simply follow the Inbox Jaunt; that they, too, could free-motion quilt. Just wanted you to know.

  5. Lori
    I am new to free motion quilting and struggling to figure out what thread type, brand, style to use. Would certainly welcome any further advise you could offer on thread choice and use.
    Your tutorials are the best!

    • Hi Sue,
      First of all you need to start making samplers with the thread you already own. In general, I prefer heavier weight threads (40 wt and 30 wt) for free motion quilting. I love Sulky Rayon and Superior’s Magnifico Polyester because they are both heavier weight and have a sheen. (I always use Aurifil cotton 50 wt in the bobbin–nice sheen and goes farther than the heavier wt threads on top). I write about threads regularly so follow along and you’ll hear a lot. Also, read and try the “Mystery Quilt-a-Long” in the top header…it was all about thread.

  6. Love the boats…great for our lakeside abode..I still need to experiment with variety of threads…UH,,, about the ‘ topstitch’ needles.. is the needle packaging labeled with that name? I need to break away from buying what the quilt shop owner tells me I need. Thanks…

  7. So glad your weather is nice! It is a perfect time to quilt in Texas because it is 100 outside!

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