A New Favorite Quilt Notion

Baltimore AppliqueGood Morning, Quilters!

Now that I have finished my Craftsy Adventure, I have had a bit of time to work on an old project and my second favorite part of quilting-hand appliqué.

Several years ago, I started this appliqué project called Friends of Baltimore by Sue Garman.  As I was working on the borders, I had some difficulty laying out the pieces- and that was enough to put it aside for more than a year.

Baltimore Applique

I am determined to finish this challenging project and reinvigorated by a new supply I found.  This ring of threads by Superior Threads.  Brilliant idea-now I don’t have to carry around a huge bag of appliqué threads!

Baltimore AppliqueIt seems like a silly reason to give up on a project (a little frustration)…Baltimore AppliqueAnd a silly reason to return to a project…Baltimore AppliqueBut WE ALL know,  Quilters LOVE new toys!

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26 thoughts on “A New Favorite Quilt Notion

  1. Beautiful. Never done a Baltimore myself, but applique is my MOST favorite part of quilting. I am addicted to it.

  2. I do lots of hand applique and can highly recommend adhesive thimbles. I use Colonial’s Thimblepad because they are leather and reusable, but there are other brands, shapes, and sizes. I also use Tulip needles, which are very slender and make it easier for me to pick up scant threads, to keep my stitches less visible. These needles aren’t for everybody, especially because the eyes are small, but with a needle threader, I am one happy camper.

  3. Do you also hand quilt the applique quilt or do you use the machine? How do you plan your quilting on the applique with all the small pieces?

  4. Superior’s ring of thread is also a favorite of mine. It’s so easy to take with me wherever I go so that I have a color I might need. So glad you’ve found that as well.

  5. I am also resurrecting an applique project and the thread donut looks awesome; I guess I could put thread onto spools and create one but this seems so convenient. I dont recall seeing them for sale anywhere; where do I get one?!

  6. I love Baltimore applique and have been a student to Elly Sienkiewcz. I took the classes when we lived in the Washington D.C. area and I have all her wonderful books. Others have offered patterns and classes but Elly’s are historically based. I have enough squares to do a wall hanging. I love the needle turn applique and need to get back to more of it. I also like and use Superior threads and that donut will go at the top of my “I need that!” list.

  7. I have both of these wonderful rings of thread color and have never regretted the purchase. Great for travel work and you always have the color you need. Love them!!!

  8. I have a new notion…heh heh,, a 2 liter bottle filled with water… actually I have 6. They are great for weighting down fabric on my table to keep it from sliding off and other uses too. Easy to move around..And in case the electricity goes out ( again) there is drinking water. Our well has to have electricity…which is the reason for the filtered water in the bottles in the first place. I have a small, square, lidded basket from my great grandmother that I keep hand embroidery thread in..Some of my friends use those rings made for storing bobbins.

  9. I also love the donut of Superior threads, both of them. There is a difference between the two as far as hue…I pop what I need into a pill bottle for a smaller package to haul around.

  10. That is beautiful, I have never tried needle turned applique before. In the bucket tho. What type of thimble do you use, it looks intriguing?

  11. I find that thread ring handy, in fact, I bought an empty one to store all of my loose bobbins in from other projects. They stay together and don’t make a mess of my drawer.

  12. Lori, is this a new kind of bobbin donut? I have been using what I thought were these for years…maybe this is something different?

    • I have a long time to think about the FMQ. I’m sure it will be fairly traditional with a bit of whimsy thrown in randomly

  13. Oh!! What a great idea to use the bobbin ring for applique thread! I do really, really love that concept. My applique tote has this huge ziplock filled with all my silk threads. I have a bobbin ring that I’m no longer using, so I think I’ll find my old bobbins for a different machine and load my silks up on those. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I didn’t realize you were working on this too! I started mine in 2011. Have just gotten back to it this Spring. Have you seen the one that Kerry did at Simple Bird Applique? – She just finished it, well maybe the binding isn’t on yet. Spectacular machine quilting accentuates the beautiful applique.
    I also wanted to say that I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years, read it through the email reader, so rarely comment. I so appreciate your tutorials. Love the new Craftsy class – Congratulations! I bought it as soon as it was released. Haven’t had time to watch it all and start the exercises yet, but you’ve got me thinking about doodling.

    • Thank you so much for telling me about simple Bird Appliqué! Her FMQ on that quilt is out of this world! I’m going to be terrified to quilt mine! It’s been soooooooo many hours and I’m only 1/4 of the way through! How far along are you?

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