Time to Play-Bird Applique

Bird AppliqueGood Morning, Quilters!

After all my focused work getting ready for My Craftsy Adventure, I needed a little time to “play”.

I gave myself one hour to play with shapes, and fabrics from my scrap bag and came up with this bird. (Similar to The Baby Bird FMQ Tutorial)

Bird AppliqueThen I glue basted the pieces onto part of an old “Tuesday Tutorial”. (Diamonds are Forever FMQ)

I’m going to play with some 12 weight cotton embroidery.  I LOVE the spools of cotton embroidery thread offered by companies like Superior Threads, Sulky Threads and Aurifil Threads.

I don’t really have a plan yet, I just want to experiment with stitches.Bird AppliqueI’m sure I have more important things to do…but a day without sewing is like a day without sunshine!

More photos to follow…


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12 thoughts on “Time to Play-Bird Applique

  1. Hi Lori….thanks for all you do for us! My Bernina 550 doesn’t have an embroidery component, but I’d like to try some decorative stitching using embroidery weight thread. Is there a needle that I could use for that?

    Thanks for your help and congrats on your selection!

    • I would try aTopstitch needle. Size 80 or 90 depending on the weight of your thread.

  2. I know we have discussed it before. but I still have trouble matching thread and needles..I eventually default instead of trying new ones, like something shiny! When you use “embroidery” thread, are you using it in an embroidery machine? I have a regular sewing machine.

  3. Love your little bird with the text fabrics!
    Would a jeans needle work too with the 12 weight threads?

    • Yes that would work. Im going to do a little hand embroidery. Sorry I missed that point.

  4. I have used the spools of embroidery thread on my sewing machine with a 14topstitch needle.

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