Testing, Testing…1,2,3

Dizzy Daisy Free motion quiltingGood Morning, Quilters!

Did you ever get one of those emails that say you need to update your bank records–please enter your Social Security number, date of birth, address, etc?…

Right to the Spam file…

Well when The Inbox Jaunt renewal came, something about it made me suspicious, so I ignored it.  Guess they weren’t kidding when they said my blog wouldn’t work if I didn’t enter my credit card number!

So this e-mail is a test?  Are we up and running?  Please leave a comment as a check...

Also, as a result of the snafu, some of you have signed up for the OLD INBOX JAUNT…which I never update or check comments.

In any case, I’m back from my adventures and have lots to share!


PS….The Dizzy Daisy Free Motion Quilt tutorial can be found HERE


286 thoughts on “Testing, Testing…1,2,3

  1. I live in Ontario and I got you here. Couldn’t make it through a week without reading your blog.

  2. New Here, just starting my learning experience. Printed most of your tutorials, will start with the doodles. Thought you’d want to know, 2 of your tutorial links don’t work. I could not access the Sand Dollar tutorial or the At the Beach Tutorial.

    You mentioned starting to work on a Book. How’s it coming? I would LOVE to purchase that book. Your directions are so clearly written I understood all that I read and can’t wait to start.

  3. You are in my week and look forward to reading and looking at your beautiful creations. thanks Lorie ! works just great….happy for your developments and expansion into new ventures. I have been using Craftsy for classes for years.

  4. Coming through just fine here in Toronto ,Ontario and this summer the home of the PanAm Games. I think a sport quilt of maybe sport logos used for the games will be in the works. Then to do the quilting

    • Oh, Dianne, your post brings back memories..I was privileged to go to Toronto with my husband way back in 1999…For a week I explored the city. A highlight was my visit to a fabric store close to that big thimble statue. I only bought a scarf due to limitations of flying home. Always want to go back. Beautiful city and far from my rural home in south GA. I was not quilting yet and thus I don’t know what I missed Love to see your sport quilt when it is done..I can “see” all the FM logos/emblems !

  5. Your designs are always stunning. I have a long arm, but surely don’t get to play often enough. I love, love, love your detailed instructions. Our Quilt Guild mentioned your website at a meeting. I immediately came home and starting oohing and OMG!!!! at your designs. Makes me want to try really hard to learn more. Thanks so very much for sharing your amazing designs.

  6. This is basically from 2015 except the last two entries… what is meant by “renewal” of Inbox Jaunt? I have been a subscriber for more than 3 years approx. and never received a renewal notice. Just curious…

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