Back to Doodling! Line Doodles

Line DoodlesGood Morning, Quilter-Doodlers!

Now that we are sure we’re up and running, let’s get back to the serious business of Dooodling! (I want to put YOU back to work first, later I’ll tell more about THE Craftsy ADVENTURE!)

We are on Lesson 11 in our Better Quilting through Doodling Series.  (Access all the Doodling tutorials HERE)

Last time we doodled negative spaces.  Actually, we didn’t doodle the negative space, we doodled to create the negative space.  Read more HERE.

Line Doodles

Line Doodles

This week, we’ll start the same way, with a small square.  Create a negative space with lines, then fill in the area with lines going in a different direction, or lines with different spacing.Line DoodlesAnother way to fill the negative space is to jog up into the shape and jog down again…see the heart on the upper left below.Line DoodlesFor starters, keep the shape simple, like a heart or a capital letter.Line Doodles

It’s amazing what you can do create with simple lines!

Any ideas how you could turn this into quilted lines?  If not, that’s okay.  We are still building “Creative Muscles”!  (MY kind of exercise!)

Happy to be back!


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5 thoughts on “Back to Doodling! Line Doodles

  1. Most of your photos aren’t showing on my iPad, Lori, only the Line Doodles logo. If I click on the ID, it goes to a new screen showing either the photo or a message that says the request can’t be shown as the remote is invalid.

    • Linda, the photos weren’t showing up for me either, but now they’re working…YIKEs! I’m hoping this all “re-sets” itself by tomorrow.
      Please let me know either way!

  2. I’m at my MacMini desktop and everything came through! ;0) I’ll try the iPad later as I’m sewing right now, but wanted to check this out on this computer.

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