7 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Good Morning everyone from Knoxville, TN.

    After celebrating our nations 239th birthday yesterday, paying respect to Lori’s Sunday post is for me appropriate, causing me to catch my breath. Having lived abroad for almost more years than having lived in America it was always a surprise to find a country celebrating “our country’s birthday” but they do or maybe did. We were told that celebrating on 4 July is a sign of freedom that should be celebrated throughout the world because of the ensuing struggle.

    An aside:
    Speaking of The American Eagle; I am as a child awaiting Santa Claus each year awaiting the ALCOA EAGLE CAM in Davenport, Iowa. One is able to watch the nests either being built, repaired, or visited, with The Eagles soaring overhead in arial acrobatics as they await “getting the business of new soaring Eagles begun.” We’re particularly proud of LIBERTY & JUSTICE—yes, we were able to name those EGLETS—not my submissions but love the names anyway & as so many thousands, I cannot await their next efforts.

    Another aside: Someone from the state of Tennessee shot & killed an American Eagle last week & not only is The Park Police scouring every corner but so are many of us VOLUNTEER’S. Anyone have an idea where to find The Shootist? Where is JOHN WAYNE when we need him?

  2. This eagle/world looks like he was in a shop. I think I would have had to open my purse for enough coins to take him home with me. LOLOL…I don’t feel silent today..I was about to get political.. This is not the place..Lord, quiet me in appreciation for our blessed country.

    • Chuckle… Marti is owner of our local tiny quilt shop..so I didn’t even notice. 🙂

  3. Spent the 4th with the older son, his girlfriend and her family/friends; today I anxiously await the arrival of Mary Tabar http://www.marytabar.com/, the guest speaker for the Tehachapi Mountain Quilt Guild’s monthly meeting which will be held tomorrow. She’ll be our house guest for 2 days. Thinking it would be nice to have Lori be our speaker some time … We are blessed with family, friends and freedom.

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