Hunting and Gathering

Poppy PodsGood Morning, Quilters!

There’s not a lot of quilting go on around here lately…Poppy Pods DoodlesWhen the weather is good in Minnesota, we drop everything and go outside to enjoy it!Poppy Pods Doodles

Poppy Pods DoodlesQUILT SEASONS

I think of quilting as having two distinct seasons each year:

Summer and Fall are for Hunting and Gathering-  The time for being outside and enjoying Mother Nature’s bounty.  Breathing it all in and photographing it when possible.  I will do a few doodles while enjoying the sunshine…

Poppy PodsWinter and Spring (Spring is very cold in Minnesota) are for quilting. 

So as long as the weather is good, I’ll be outside Hunting and Gathering and Storing Up for the long days of quilting!

Hope YOU are enjoying all the bounty of the season wherever YOU live!

We’d LOVE to hear!


Lounging on the Lanai, Lori

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