The BIG Jaunt–Open Line Friday

Australian ShepherdsBut where is she going without us?

I’m OFF on a BIG Jaunt.

Can YOU guess where?

Sulky ThreadsA few clues:

I’m going to Denver.

I’ll be gone for five days.

It’s quilting related.

And it’s the direct result of YOU–my very Engaged Readership…Thank YOU. Thank YOU!

Sulky ThreadsBy the end of the day, I will tell you more…So follow the comments!

Australian ShepherdsSorry, Ruby and Roxie–I’ll be back soon and we can go for our walks again!

On that note…blogging will be a bit sporadic for the next two weeks (Fourth of July, too!)

But I know you have more than enough to keep YOU busy!




40 thoughts on “The BIG Jaunt–Open Line Friday

  1. ENJOY and have FUN! Can’t wait to hear the wonderful news! Let’s see, a wonderful book, or a dvd, or on tv………It all sounds great to me. And front row seats. God Bless……Claudia

  2. Congratulations Lori.I presume you will be teaching your skills to quilters. Have fun.

  3. I think I know, I think I know! Make sure you know your best camera angle, OK? And you might consider investing in a manicure. Have a great trip.

  4. Hope you have a great time! Can’t wait for more news and pictures… Guess we’ll just doodle, while your gone!

  5. Lori, we voted & voted for our beloved “JAUNTER” & nothing could make your “DOODLERS” happier than to have you “AWARDED” the best because we know you are. Loved the photo of Ruby & Roxie; our Golden’s do the very same.

    Make sure your hands have been creamed, cuticles trimmed (I should do mine), & have a very pretty polish color. Hope you are treated as a queen. Will be watching this afternoon for further details. GOD bless!

  6. Welcome to Colorado!! i hope it’s a new Craftsy class. After taking 17 classes, I’m ready for a new one.

  7. I have a good idea what is in Denver—-have a good time. We will be waiting with Ruby and Roxie for the news.

  8. I canNOT wait to SEE you (on my ‘net “tube”). You are a wonderfully creative artist and teacher and I’m so glad you are getting the recognition and exposure that you deserve and others will be blessed!!!! Hugs…….

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