Doodle Thursday–Negative Space

Line DoodlesGood Morning, Quilters!

I hate to be negative, however sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Today we are doodling Negative Spaces!

Line DoodlesFor this exercise, begin small.  Draw several small squares.  The squares shown here are 2 inches. Line DoodlesUse a pencil to lightly draw a simple shape. (See the Free Motion Quilt Tutorials HERE for some ideas.)

Then carefully fill in the space around it.  You can use straight lines or Pebbles or anything YOU like-be creative!


This is just like quilting…Imagine the center motif is an appliqué–See how it POPs when you quilt around it?

For Quilting-when you want a shape to POP on your quilt, quilt around it not on it!

Line Doodles

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Better yet, post your photos to The Inbox Jaunt Quilting Group on FLICKR.  If you haven’t visited Flickr in a while, you’re in for a real treat- there are lots of photos there—and we want to see YOUR QUILTS too!

#BQTD (Better Quilting through Doodling!)

Tomorrow:  BIG NEWS!


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11 thoughts on “Doodle Thursday–Negative Space

  1. Hi Lori,
    I am quilting a child’s panel and can’t decide whether to do an overall design or quilt around the animal shapes and details, etc. What are your thoughts?

  2. Hmmm, you’re giving me something to think about. I need to play with this in doodling and in my mind. I always mull over ideas for a while…now I’m wondering about the chevron quilt I am making…maybe I should quilt the neutral lines and leave the coloured ones unquilted. I may not get to the point of quilting it till the fall so lots of time to think and play with this!

    • That will really pop the colored chevrons. Why don’t you try a small sample while you are pondering. I bet it will answer a lot of your questions!

  3. Doodling is a great idea. I have several drawing apps on my iPad that I use for this, but I wish some developer out there would create a doodling app SPECIFICALLY for quilters that would let me draw with a dashed line, like “stitches.” So… I’m dying to hear your BIG NEWS! It’s terrible of you to tease us like this and make us wait until tomorrow!!

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