Elephants on Parade

Elephant PlushieGood Morning, Quilters!

Sometimes we just want a little something different…

As you know, I’ve been cleaning my sewing room and I came across this elephant pattern purchased months ago.  It was so much fun to audition fabrics!Elephant Plushie I found several fabric combinations, so I decided to make a plastic template for the parade of elephants I am planning.  Elephant PlushieThe instructions are clear.  Choose three fabrics…

Elephant Plushie

Add a little batting to the ears…Elephant Plushie

Triple stitch…(elephantinely slow)

Elephant Plushie

Stuff.Elephant PlushiePerfect for a boy or a girl!Elephant PlushieI purchased this pattern online from Retro Mama HERE

Later, I noticed a Free Elephant pattern HERE

Now that I have a plastic template…I have visions of Free Motion Quilted elephants dancing and playing the piano like Peter the Elephant HERE  Enjoy!


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37 thoughts on “Elephants on Parade

  1. When I saw your subject title of Elephants on Parade, I thought maybe you were talking about the same pattern I am making for a baby quilt, actually more toddler size. I had been looking for more color ideas for it but now I see it’s a completely different pattern. The pattern I am using is from Under the Garden Moon, designer is Mindy Johnston & Amy McClellan.

  2. Have a friend who makes these as pin cushions. They are adorable and have become a “must have” by many in our local guild.

  3. Oh my gosh! “Peter the elephant” is so cute! Love the elephant on the right, jamming with the music! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a cute post! LOVED the video of Peter the Elephant playing the piano! And your little guy is adorable!

  5. Everything lovely! Gonna give it a try for my nieces…
    But those dancing elephants, oh boy, they are the BEST! 😀

  6. Peter the Thai elephant playing ragtime and dancing with friends made my day! That is why we love all things elephant–what dear sensitive creatures they are.

  7. Love your elephant’s fabrics.
    Thanks for sharing the link to the circus – I always love circus sounds but clowns always scared me!

  8. Thanks for sharing. The free pattern looks identical to the one you bought! Love the dancing elephants!

  9. I’m a few weeks behind on my podcasts and I just listened to you today on Pat Sloan’s show. I feel like I know you, even if this was the first time I have heard your voice. Kudos to you! And I do love this elephant. It would make a great scrappy applique baby quilt. And you could really have fun auditioning fabrics! Love everything you do.

  10. oh my gosh, this elephant is so cute. I have no idea what I will do with one, but I have to make them. might take away from my quilting time though. HMM
    I love that while your focus is free motion quilting, you don’t hesitate to share something different with us!!

  11. Can you read one more “cute” ? best word for this elephant !!! Our extended family loves elephants in any form..will make a bunch ! Thank you..

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  13. I fell in love with your elephant — and with Peter! Just finished making three of them today as gifts. Thanks for the idea!

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