Hunting and Gathering

Poppy PodsGood Morning, Quilters!

There’s not a lot of quilting go on around here lately…Poppy Pods DoodlesWhen the weather is good in Minnesota, we drop everything and go outside to enjoy it!Poppy Pods Doodles

Poppy Pods DoodlesQUILT SEASONS

I think of quilting as having two distinct seasons each year:

Summer and Fall are for Hunting and Gathering-  The time for being outside and enjoying Mother Nature’s bounty.  Breathing it all in and photographing it when possible.  I will do a few doodles while enjoying the sunshine…

Poppy PodsWinter and Spring (Spring is very cold in Minnesota) are for quilting. 

So as long as the weather is good, I’ll be outside Hunting and Gathering and Storing Up for the long days of quilting!

Hope YOU are enjoying all the bounty of the season wherever YOU live!

We’d LOVE to hear!


Lounging on the Lanai, Lori

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18 thoughts on “Hunting and Gathering

  1. I used to sell sewing machines. We got so slow in the summer. My owner (not a sewer) just couldn’t believe how the people disappeared. I told her many times that sewers are gardeners. They go outside in the summer. Nothing brings them back like Halloween.

  2. Enjoy frolicking.
    Here in No Virginia it will be 90º today and 96º tomorrow with no end in sight…. maybe October. This is certainly the time of year I hide inside…. but life is different now.
    Dr appointments for the oldsters x2 this week (in the afternoon, yikes) and tomorrow I am driving daughter and baby Sarah for a check up since she is officially 2 weeks old.
    I have a house and a big yard, Thanks to God for Air conditioning. The yard work: I do need to do some pruning and trimming…. one day
    At present, I am piecing many tops

  3. Love your work and look every day to see what’s new. I admire your artistic drawings. What is name of this plant. Never seen that before.

  4. Here in Texas we very much are opposite to you. Too hot to be outside much. Winter has cold in the 40’s days but most days are mild in the 60’s so I am outside playing in the garden.
    This year we have had so much rain (a years worth in three months). I have been having to mow and use the weed eater weekly. It is so lovely to have so many things blooming this year.
    I do quilt year around usually. I also garden year around.

  5. Morning Lori from Knoxville, TN.
    The temp. is to be high 90’s today we are inside,&even our 2 English Golden Retrievers haver no desire to romp for very long in the back yard. I noticed this A. that some of the Hosta leaves are sunburned but the new Hydrangea & Azalea are thriving. Because of all the radiation I do not go outside in these temperatures. I will do vegetable gardening in the fall & winter with coverings. Not a lot of quilting going on in the summer; I use this time for painting walls & straightening up the quilt studio. Don’t we all wish that the Texas rain could have been dispersed evenly over the rest of the US?
    Lori, Do you have the huge mosquitos, (dive bombers) like we had in Minot, North Dakota?
    How long will it take for your soaked ground to dry out Dorothy? Be happy everyone!

  6. Lori, I found the picture of the poppy seed pods very interesting. Do you pick them green? I always let them dry out on the plant, but the plant gets so ugly this time of year. Then I break them off & put them in a pie pan & let them finish drying in the house. These are poppies from my Grandmother’s yard.

  7. I’m in central Florida, and it’s really hopt here right now. The perfect time to be inside sewing! Our gardening time is over til September.

  8. Enjoy your outdoors season. 😀 I need to make myself step away from Devon & Kyle’s quilts sometimes and go enjoy the air and scenery!!

  9. Summer is the season that we hide indoors and quilt. It gets pretty hot in our part of Southern California.

  10. I feel the exact same way. Summer always creeps up on me. I’ve got one quilt I’m in the process of quilting and then I’ll probably lay off until September, except for rainy days. I love summer in Minnesota!

  11. Working on two quilts right now, I like a balance of indoor to outdoor all year long. I find that if I cannot put thread into fabric, I get really crabby.

  12. Glad you are outside enjoying the weather. I have just finished two projects and am so glad as I too can spend the summer outdoors. Nice and hot weather doesn’t last near long enough so it is better enjoying and recharging your batteries.

  13. Our son just bought a house in Nevada with a pool.. I made him a throw-blanket-quilt-towel to use on patio and pool area. He called last night and did me the honor of excitedly saying how much he loves it.. I also used lots of glow-in-the-dark thread with some free stitching and some built in stitches from my machine. Can you imagine…you come home from work in 114′ weather, take a dip in the pool. The sun gets low in the west and the temps drop. You get out of the pool into cool air and you wrap up in mom’s birthday quilt. The quilt fabric has bright flowers and parrots. .I hope someday to get to visit and see that pool for myself LOL..Yep, that is what this mom did while staying in out of 100′ weather in south Georgia.

  14. Hi from northern Delaware! Summer here = yard work – weeding, etc., and in a couple of weeks the tomatoes will probably all start ripening at once. This summer I must finally get around to reorganizing my sewing room, as it’s been 10+ years since the last reorg, and I can hardly walk through room without my butt bumping into all those plastic tubs of UFOs. Will be swapping rooms – the current guest room is a bit bigger – but we need to do some painting in there first. I’m sure “Murphy” will see to it that this project expands to crazy proportions. So I’m getting my quilting fix by going on a day trip each month with my quilt guild friends to visit quilt shops on the Row By Row Experience ( We visited four shops in Maryland (Annapolis and Eastern Shore) yesterday and had a great time. Has anyone else done this yet this summer? We must keep our quilt shops in business! Too many have closed in recent years. Happy quilting, everyone!

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