12 thoughts on “Man Threading a Needle

  1. He creates a world that makes us smile, doesn’t he, capturing the expression of both the man at work and the cat asking for petting because the man is sitting down trying to work. I love the chair without a back, his cigar box of supplies, but why is his watch on the floor? I guess it is a wrist watch. Thank you Lois!

  2. Oh yes the rain!!! All my flowers are so sad!!! I guess we are all saturated . What a great picture to make us smile!!! Thank you!

  3. I was lucky enough to visit his museum in Stockbridge, not once but twice. First time most of his exhibits were hanging, second time (when I took hubby) they were on loan to another museum. I was totally blown away by the talent of this man. Unbelievable, if any of you are near that area, plan a day for the exhibit.

  4. I just love your blog!!
    Only been getting it for 1 week but always interesting. Thank you!!

  5. Bless him’s heart, he has a hole in ‘is sock! He can do anything a woman can and better ! He already put the porcelain egg inside the sock. Of course if he asked, his sister-in-law would darn the sock. That old watch is gonna get repaired some day. And I hope his pipe was not already lit nor the news in the paper too old by the time he gets that needle threaded. Me thinks Rockwell learned staging on his own……take notice HGTV ! 🙂 And I just noticed the date on this illustration was 8 weeks after my mom was born. Another treasure, Lori… thank you.

  6. Great illustration. I’ve seen this before…yet today is the first time I’ve noticed the cat! Slow down to notice things I’ve been missing-lesson for my day! Thanks Lori…

  7. I’ve enjoyed reading the earlier comments – made me look again and again at the details in the poster.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love today’s post Lori because it brings vivid memories of both my mother & grandmother. They were ever watchful for the mail to come bringing The Saturday Evening post Magazine. And, if you needed either of them they were unavailable because they were studying Norman Rockwell’s latest print gracing the front cover & reading the latest news. In the back of the magazine was an apron or quilt pattern (as I remember). Maybe that was The Progressive Farmer.

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