Doodle the Alphabet!

Alphabet DoodlesGood Morning, Quilt-Doodlers!

Today is Doodle Day…and in case you’ve missed any–all of the Doodle Tutorials (this is number 10) can be found HERE or on Doodles in the top menu bar.

Today we’re going back to elementary school to practice our penmanship!

Alphabet DoodlesThe twist here is that our alphabets have to be continuous line designs.Alphabet DoodlesNo fair lifting your pen–not even for cursive-which isn’t completely continuous line.Alphabet DoodlesWriting in quilts is a lot of fun.  You can use it to sign your quilts, leave little notes to the recipients of your quilts or as the centerpiece of your quiltingHERE

But like all our free motion quilting, it requires doodling first.Alphabet DoodlesFor inspiration:  search “Fonts” on Google or Pinterest.

Here’s my Font collection on Pinterest

It’s time to start YOUR OWN Continuous Line Fonts for your next quilt!


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12 thoughts on “Doodle the Alphabet!

  1. I just looked at your pinterest page… this opens up a whole new can of worms! Too many ideas!! I’ll never get any housework done, lol.

  2. be careful of free font sites. I used them in my multimedia classes at college and there are several that download bad viruses. hate to be a wet blanket. Did you test the sites that you have pinned

  3. Oh boy – the alphabet! Couple years ago I took a quilted jacket class and the instructor thought up cute little sayings pertaining to the drawings on the fabric. i.e. one drawing was a family with lots of kids in the car – around it she doodled free motion with her sewing machine “are we there yet?”. Just HAD to have that fabric as it had lots of other cute drawings on it – but alas – it was already out of print. Kept the photos of her jacket so I could some day replicate how she connected the letters and now maybe with your guidance I’ll be able to make something similar. Practice – practice – practice..

    Almost anything you could do lettering on.

    Tavette – S. Fla.

  4. Forgot to say – your idea to do the alphabet on lined paper IS just like in school when we learned to do proportionate lettering. Thanks for the reminder and you’ve done several types of lettering to encourage us to branch out and try various styles.

    Tavette – S. Fla.

  5. Great idea!! When I made a quilt for my daghters I did include a written note in the quilting to replace the quilt label. It was fun! I just did it my own cursive. Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  6. I was just reading the Crafty Quilter’s email & Julie Cefalu gave a very nice nod to “our Lori Kennedy’s The Inbox Jaunt.” Lori is becoming more important each day & I sure hope she doesn’t leave us as the result of a schedule which is going to become much busier. I would miss her so.

  7. Lori, thank you so much for the doodling lessons! As someone who has not had training in art or graphics and who is not a natural doodler, I am loving these lessons – and I’m working so hard to find my inner artist!

  8. This is going on my next quilt… for a retiring co-worker with whom I have worked 36 years! The quilt itself is not work related at all but I think it would be neat to sneak a few favorite work sayings in here and there!

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