Little Miss Muffet on Open Line Friday

Tuffet.Karyl.002Good Morning, Quilters!

Welcome to Open Line Friday!  A few weeks ago,  I mentioned that I wanted to make one of the tuffets that were so popular at Quilt Market.

And of course, you came through.  Several of you sent information about tuffets.

Thank you to Karyl, who sent photos of her tuffet.  She made it in a class by Sharyn Cole of Tuffetsource.



Note the spider web on the painted furniture above!

Thank you to Terry who found this tutorial at Sew Mod

If you want a simpler pillow version try one of this one:

FREE Great video:  Try Missouri Star’s Sprocket Pillow HERE

FREE Floor Pillow Tutorial with Step by Step Photos

Pillow Tutorial

Pillow TutorialFREE Meditation PillowPillow TutorialThis one is in Japanese, but the photos are very clear.

Pillow Tutorial


Do YOU know any great tutorials for tuffets, pillows or any other project?

We’d LOVE to hear!


Lori Miss Muffet who wants a Tuffet

31 thoughts on “Little Miss Muffet on Open Line Friday

  1. Tuffets are popular again? Well, then.
    They certainly are cute.
    The first one is so elegant with the stripes and the big button and the feet. That one looks like it took a lot of devoted dedication. I certainly hope they do not have a cat 😀
    The others look happy and fun as well.
    I am planning to make make some teeny tiny tuffets for my very first grand baby, Sarah. She is only one week old. I wonder if there are patterns for those? I could add some pedals on the side, and a bell in the middle of the stuffing…..
    I love the samples here. All of them are very nice.

    Now with caring for mom and dad, and doting on a brand new baby (with which I have to SHARE!)

    • ^ notice the unfinished sentence? Yes, that is my life now.
      I only wish relatives were clamoring and tripping over their feet to run and help me take care of my sweet 92 year old twins. I love them dearly but I sense some jealousy in the near future if I am spending too much time with my little flowerbud. haha,

  2. I have wanted to make a tuffet for a while now and with your inspiration I will make one this month. Thank you for being that inspiration to keep moving forward.

  3. Lori,
    The actual pattern for the Tuffets from market is available and is item #PPFP100. It has foundation paper to use for it. I could get it for you if you’d like.

  4. Lori.. thank you for posting the pictures of my Tuffet!
    I had fun showing your blog off today! To answer Rosemaryflower, no! to cats!! I had to chuckle. Everyone knows if they even think about sitting on it, they are in trouble! The foundation piecing is fun, took me a week, but that was all after work. Everybody should make at least one. The 8 panels can actually be of a single piece of fabric rather than the 2″ strips, and I have seen them embroidered. I can imagine how pretty a quilted one (by Lori) would be!

    • You can’t even sit on it?!? How is it called a tuffet, then? I’d never have posted the pattern if I’d known!

      • Oh, Terry! Yes! Of course it can be sat upon! It is extremely sturdy. I was only kidding about not letting anyone sit on it. …Well…. sort of kidding! 😉

    • Karyl, I think this is the most beautiful tuffet that I have ever seen. Love it!!! Great Job.

      • Thank you so much! I love it, too. The fabrics are a happy accident because I left at home my strips I had cut for class and had to buy a jelly roll at the store. I like it better than what I had originally planned! But ALL the tuffets were totally adorable!

  5. I didn’t know they were called tuffets per se, but I made 2 for my little granddaughters but I called them Poufss and I got my pattern from Birch Fabrics blog here I’m not sure how to add a picture of mine, or if I can even do that, but mine are very bright and I added bright colored pom poms to the top edge which they love to pick off while they are sitting on them.

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