The One Shape Every Doodler Must Learn

Doodle LessonsGood Morning, Quilter/Doodlers!

Welcome back to Lesson 9 in Better Quilting Through Doodling

First…a little blog update–The Free Motion Quilting Tutorial Page on the header has been updated.  All of the tutorials should be there.  (That was WAY overdue…there were lots of missing tutorials!)

I also added a blog button (See the Sidebar) for you to add to YOUR website for direct access to The Inbox Jaunt.  I have had technical difficulties with the button in the past so if someone could test it and let me know I’d be grateful!

While I was at it, I added a Doodle Tutorial Page –also on the top header.  All of the tutorials can be found in one place.  Click on the photo to go to the full tutorial.

There are now nine doodle lessons–How is it going?

Are you confirmed Doodlers now?


From the photo above, can YOU guess which is THE ONE shape every doodler must know?

It’s the “Cigar”.

Every doodler must learn the cigar shape.

It’s a little tricky to get just right.

As you are practicing this flattened circle, use some fun markers and create designs with it…

It’s more fun that way.

Doodle LessonsAs doodlers, we will call this shape “The Cigar”

Artists call it The Foreshortened Circle and they talk about boring stuff like the Major Axis and the Minor Axis

Skip it…just draw Cigars and have fun with them!

Doodle LessonsOnce you can doodle a Cigar, you can doodle a lot of fun things…Doodle LessonsSo light up your doodles with cigars!Doodle LessonsAnd light up your quilts with doodling!


One Smoking Seamstress,

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12 thoughts on “The One Shape Every Doodler Must Learn

  1. You are just so talented! I have been doodling for a year or more and it really has helped but I keep getting stuck on the same doodle…feathers. I am going to expand my doodles now and use your examples as a jump off point. Thanks for all you do!

  2. I can’t draw worth a flip, but you’ve made this look so easy. I might be able to actually get something I draw to look like what it’s supposed to be once I get the cigar shape down pat. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Because I don’t know these things, I am embroidering the blocks of my twin quilt. The most difficult part is hooping this large quilt, and putting it off and on the machine. It looks nice though in the colors of each block, but learning doodling would be so much easier. Thank you very much. Facebook has a 7 Series blog if you are interested. It’s closed but easy to join. Thank you for your tutorials!

  4. Haha, “one smoking seamstress”. In some ways you are if we think of smokin as fast. You just pump these tutorials out!
    Thanks a lot for putting the buttons along the top for your tutorials. It makes it so easy for us to find what we are looking for!

  5. thank you, thank you for the doodle blog button… a really great addition. I am so enjoying the doodling and it really has helped my FMQing… I taught a class on beginning FMQ yesterday and the main thing that I found was that everyone needs to bring their machine instruction book with them as it is not always easy to find the tension knob to make changes in their tension. I also found that the few that were unsuccessful,had not had their machines serviced in a while. I referred all of them to your blog and hopefully you will have a few more attendees. You are my inspiration!

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