Doodle Day: Circles and Flowers

Doodles, Quilts, FlowersGood Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

First–I’d like to thank all of you who celebrated my Great News of becoming a BERNINA Ambassador with me.  Your kind words were greatly appreciated!  I am very excited about the opportunity and the new sewing machine-the BERNINA 770 Quilter’s Edition! Again, thank you for being part of this New Adventure…we shall see where it takes us…


Today we will continue our series that I’ve just officially named:  “Better Quilting, Through Doodling”.

Not only will your free motion and long arm quilting improve, but so will your quilt design.  Doodling unleashes creativity–(Maybe that should be the official name?)

Today we are going to combine a few previous lessons to create a new doodle (and maybe a new quilt?!)

Using a few colorful markers, doodle several rows of Messy Circles

Doodles, Quilts, FlowersThen using a black pen, refer to Slowing Down  to add more details…

Add a few Leaves

Doodles, Quilts, FlowersAfter you’ve tried a few rows of circle flowers, fill a full-page!

Doodles, Quilts, FlowersThere are several ways this could be incorporated into a quilt–free motion quilting, appliqué…

I’ll leave the rest to YOUR Unleashed Creativity!

Doodles, Quilts, Flowers

Now that I have a new table runner, maybe I should dust the table…

Doodles, Quilts, FlowersOr go pick some flowers, or stitch a new quilt!

Yep–I’m going up to my sewing room. To my new B770QE…

What’s the phone number for Domino’s Pizza?


PS…This quilt was stitched on my BERNINA 820 with Aurifil thread in the bobbin, Sulky Rayon 40wt on top, with Warm and Natural cotton batting.

PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, share or pin with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks!

27 thoughts on “Doodle Day: Circles and Flowers

  1. Congratulations on becoming a Bernina Ambassador – I envy you! Wow a new Bernina. On the other hand, you work hard for it! I love your posts. I quilt on a longarm, but still love the ideas! You are the “cat’s meow” Bernina is lucky to have you!

  2. Your doodles are as nice as your quilting! I had a hoot last night at a meeting I attended. One of the ladies was talking about loving quilted feathers but she would never even try to attempt quilting them. I turned over our hand-out sheet and immediately began doodling a beautiful curved feather..then showed her how I do curved borders bisecting the corners so the feathers just kiss each other. I encouraged her to doodle feathers, meandering and puddles. She said those were her favorite designs she asked her longarmer to do. I told her about the Inbox Jaunt and how wonderful Tuesday and Thursday posts are……so I think you’ll have a new follower today. Blessings…thank you, Lori…for all you do.

    • Thank you! I’m excited about another potential convert to FMQ! And it all starts with doodling!

  3. Congratulations!!!! Enjoy your new job. I love your doodling it could make a great fabric design. For the record, I said it first. Take care.

  4. I’m learning so much by doodling. I always said I couldn’t draw and my architect son-in-law would chastise me. Now I’m beginning to think I can! And then transfer it to my Bernina720, it will be wonderful. Thanks. You’re the best, Lori.

  5. I knew all those notebooks I doodled on in highschool were not a waste of time and ink! The teachers were wrong! Lol! I’m so glad you made the connection to doodling and quilting in my brain.. Apparently I had a short lol! I would have been running for that machine this morning… Thanks for giving us a new doodle post! Lol! Have fun!

    • Most of my English Papers were highly adorned! Now all high school papers are computer written and emailed to the teachers! Clip art?

  6. Great fun to doodle these flowers – now could you suggest some fillers that might help fill a square or rectangle to use a plain strip with this design on a floral related block or in an alternate set of plan and floral?

  7. Congratulations, Lori! I enjoyed you interview on Quilting Radio the other day. Your blog is at the top of my go-to-quilting-blog list. I’ve gotten some great ideas from your tutorials and have incorporated many of them in my recent quilts. Your encouragement to keep doodling is really paying off! Would you consider doing a post on the Bernina 770 and what makes it good for FMQ? I’d like a new machine (have always used an old Bernina 1230) but can’t decide on the best Bernina model for what I love – machine piecing and quilting on a home machine. Thanks! Happy Doodling!

    • Definitely! I need a few weeks to get to know it better but I will be adding thoughts along the way.

  8. Lori, when I clicked on your blog and saw your beautiful doodles, I said to myself, now where did she get THAT fabric?! You should design your own line! BTW, I taught our women’s club quilting group beginning paper piecing yesterday. Our hostess has a brand new Bernina just like yours, and she just loves it. I plan to go over there soon and play with it!

  9. Congratulations on your new position! Well deserved. I’m getting more brave with trying out doodles on my quilts. Sometimes I don’t like them, but by the next day…..not so bad. LOL

  10. Good Job on your Ambassadorship!! You are a great representative. You certainly do motivate many of us to just try it, after all we have nothing to lose 🙂 Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge for people to jump in the pool. You provide inspiration and the nudge and I thank you!

  11. Yay for you and us at you becoming a BERNINA Ambassador! I listened to you on Pat Sloans podcast and hadn’t realized until then that you are using a domestic machine and not a longarm. I love love love the doodle classes and am following along. Thank again.

  12. Congratulations on becoming a Bernina Ambassador! Love your Blog and this series on doodling has been great! Thanks!

  13. Congratulations, Bernina Ambassador! My first sewing machine was a Bernina, I still have today and still use from time to time. Have moved on to a Brother Embroidery Machine…Love it

  14. Congratulations! Love my Berninas, I have a 1030 and a 750QE.
    I really enjoyed your article in the July American Quilter magazine too.

    I wish you continue success Lori and Happy Sewing

  15. So happy for you and so envious of your new Bernina. I learned to quilt and free motion embroidery on my 930 before I knew what FMQ was.

    Many happy years of sewing.

  16. I am new to your blog and I love what I see. Can’t wait to try your filler patterns! I also just voted for you.

  17. congrats Lori… I too use your blog every day and would feel awful without the inspiration. I am teaching a workshop in beginning FMQ for my Guild and have referenced your blog on their instructions. You have taught me so many things and my doodling has increased that old muscle memory 10 fold… Listened to the pod cast and you made even more connections for me. Thank you from my heart!

  18. I’ve been quilting for 30 years, and just now finally began to get up the courage to start working without marking from templates. The freedom is intoxicating! To help I got a Bernina 570QE – the official Bernina rep here won’t even talk to non-commercial customers, but I found a very nice shop whose owner also quilts to order the “oldest” QE model she could get for me. My first effort was rather shaky, then I found your site while browsing Google images and started doodling. I’m also a website developer, and the CMS that I work with calls one of its tutorial objects “Doodles”, so my fancy was definitely tickled! Your whole approach reminds me of our motto, “Creative Freedom”.

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