Great News!

BERNINA 770 QEGood Morning, Quilters!

Please celebrate with me– I have been selected to be a BERNINA Brand Ambassador!


This has been several months in the making…paperwork, phone calls, planning…

(and here’s where YOU came in…) One of the things BERNINA looked at was how many people follow The Inbox Jaunt– and how engaged they are–and of course–

We got a AAA rating for engaged readership!!


Last week I received my new BERNINA 770 QE!

BERNINA 770 QEBut what does it mean?

BERNINA ambassadors get a beautiful new sewing machine  in exchange for providing several educational tools to BERNINA each year like writing for their blog, WeAllSew,  teaching, etc. (Sounds like fun to me!)

BERNINA 770 QEWhile, I’m just learning about all the bells and whistles (I’m actually excited about reading a manual-imagine that!?)…

A few things I love already:  very responsive tension system, the placement of the needle down and presser foot down buttons, I LOVE the thread cutter-it cuts the bobbin thread underneath as well as on top-great for free motion quilting,  and the new 97D Patchwork foot,  Of course it has the same great features found on other BERNINAs-beautiful looking stitch, hands free lift system and more…

BERNINA 770 QEThank you, Deb Engh and all the ladies at Bear Patch Quilting Co., White Bear Lake Minneosta,

Thank you, BERNINA,


None of this would have happened without YOU-my very engaged readership-so THANK YOU!

In addition to learning my new sewing machine, I’m inspired to clean and reorganize my sewing studio!

Full report (and photos) to follow…

Ambassador Lori





225 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, LORI!!! I happily told the members of the St. Monica’s guilting group about this very exciting news! Well done! You are so deserving and inspiring!

  2. Congratulations Lori! That looks like a fantastic machine, can’t wait to see what you can do with it. Looking forward to more of your designs. Love your work.

  3. Oh, Congratulations!!! So very happy for you — they made a very wise choice! Love that Bernina chair too! I’ve considered upgrading my Bernina 1008 but can’t seem to part with it. Great news and I’m also a subscriber to Bernina’s blog, WeAllSew!

  4. Looking in that newly-opened box exposing a new Bernina is breathtaking … I can just imagine the thrill it was. Congratulations!

    When I was able to purchase a second machine I chose Bernina because my oldest sister had one on which she patched heavy ranch coveralls, horse blankets for their stable of race horses, and the dress she wore as hostess for my wedding reception … all without a hiccup. I had my heart set on a Bernina for such time as I could afford one and I have not regretted it. Saving up for my next one – maybe a serger this time; but I am eager to read your comments as you become acquainted with the 770QE. 🙂

  5. Congratulations Lori 🙂 I’m a pretty new follower and am enjoying your posts very much. I did notice in your thanks “Thank you, Deb Engh and all the ladies at Bear Patch Quilting Co., White Bear Lake Minneosta”. I’m curious about the connection – and being new I just don’t know. My siblings and Mom live in Mahtomedi and N. St. Paul. Are you nearby and should I check out this quilt shop when visiting??

    • Hi Lora,
      I live in Stillwater, MN and Bear Patch Quilting Co. is “my store”–the one I frequent for everything from BERNINA supplies to fabric, notions, etc. It’s definitely worth checking out when you’re in town!

  6. I have to say that you are a very good ambassador. I just bought the 780 and I love it. I think of you every day as I learn to sew on my new Lamborghini machine.

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