Quilt One of Three…


Blue Flowers, FMQGood Morning, Quilters!

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Did you ever notice that once you start Spring Cleaning you want to change everything from pillows to wallhangings?  I’m in that uncomfortable mode these days…nothing can be clean enough and I want something new to view!

So…I dusted awhile, then I started stitching!

Blue Flowers, FMQMy Grand Plan is to make three of these panels in different colors and then hanging them together as a triptych in my bedroom.

The thread is Superior’s Magnifico-trilobal polyester with Aurifil 50 wt cotton in the bobbin.

Of course, stitched on my BERNINA–a domestic sewing machine–no long arm here!

Blue Flowers, FMQInstead of meandering between the flowers, I stitched lines.  (We all know how I feel about Meandering-)

I really think the lines are very effective!  Because the flowers and leaves are really open and the background is tightly quilted, the flowers POP off the quilt.

Give this a try…

Or you could always….dust….



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The Lines and Spirals Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Lines and Spirals Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters!

Welcome to Tuesday…and a new Free Motion Quilt Tutorial!


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Some motifs are really just a combination of other motifs.  That is the case with Lines and Spirals.  This simple combination of two motifs creates a very complex looking (but easy to stitch!) quilt motif.

One of the reasons this motif is easy to stitch is because it has logical places to stop.

Why stop?

  • To adjust the fabric.
  • To think about where to go next.
  • To take a drink of water…(or whatever makes YOU more creative…???)

Wherever one stops while quilting, the stitch will be just a bit uneven and those uneven stitches are more obvious on long or curvy lines.  However, if one stops at a corner or a point, it is easier to disguise slight stitch deviations.

(These are little fine points that can make a BIG difference in your quilting!)


Lines and Spirals make a very modern, geometric pattern.  The combination looks great on any boy’s quilt or modern quilt.  I have also used this combo on a nautical quilt and a floral quilt:  Leaves on Linen–so don’t limit yourself!

To begin, stitch a few parallel lines.  (in the sample below the lines are approximately 3/4 inch long.

Lines and Spirals Free Motion QuiltingAdd a spiral:

Lines and Spirals Free Motion QuiltingStitch a straight line around the spiral:

Lines and Spirals Free Motion QuiltingThen keep building the pattern by adding straight lines and more spirals.

Lines and Spirals Free Motion QuiltingBy repeating the same series of lines and spirals, the look will be very uniform.

Lines and Spirals Free Motion QuiltingA random combination is lovely too!

Lines and Spirals Free Motion QuiltingThis is an easy motif to make large or small, so add it to any quilt…

Just remember–Don’t twist your quilt while you’re stitching

Lot’s more quilting this week…

AND Mother’s Day is this weekend!

Happy Stitches!


PS…This tutorial was stitched with Superior’s Magnifico-trilobal polyester on top and Aurifil cotton in the bobbin on Kona cotton and Warm and Natural batting on my BERNINA 820 without a stitch regulator.

PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, share or pin with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!

Free Motion Quilting-Quick Tip

FMQ, LKennedy, Flower

Happy Monday, Quilters! Today, a Free Motion Quilting Quick Tip DON’T ROTATE YOUR QUILT Try this little experiment… Begin with a small quilt sandwich. Choose your favorite motif. (The motif above is The Easiest Flower Ever.) Place the quilt sandwich … Continue reading