4 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Beautiful piece. Mother stitching beside a sleeping (presumably ill) child. It reminds me of just how often my stitching travels with me when tending ill family members as well. Thanks for sharing, it has been years since I have seen this particular painting.

  2. Sweet. wonderful artwork, love the window glass. I love that old furniture too.

    My mom slept in a bed like that when she was a kid in Rotterdam, Netherlands
    I slept in it too when I went to visit. Usually shared the bed with my sister, Joyce. Very cool, and on the back wall was a curtain, and behind that curtain, my sister and I discovered a bunch of dolls and doll clothes. Oh man, We had hours of fun…. My gramma was not too happy that we just helped ourselves to snooping around. It must have been storage space, and we discovered a gold mine 😀

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