Doodle Thursday


Doodles, FlowersGood Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

(and by now All quilters who read The Inbox Jaunt are Doodlers, right?)

Sometimes we just need a prompt to get the doodles flowing.  And what better prompt than a slice of fabric?


Take a slice of several fabrics and glue them on to a sheet of paper or into a notebook.

Doodles, FlowersThen use that design to prompt your doodles.

You can try to continue the lines,

Or draw a mirror image of what you see.

Or copy some of the shapes.

Just play.  No rules.  See what emerges.

Try a few slices…maybe YOU are the next fabric designer???Doodles, FlowersPAT SLOAN PODCAST

In other (exciting) news…
I’m going to be interviewed on The Pat Sloan podcast on Monday!  Woo hoo!

We will be talking about…Nevermind, I’m sure you can guess what we will be talking about.

But, I will be mentioning YOU all–the quilters who transformed my love of quilting into my love of teaching quilting!

Also, we may talk about one of my BIG PROJECTS that I haven’t had a chance to tell YOU about yet…(might we call it a “reveal”?)

Listen to the interview Live on Monday, June 1, 2015  3:00pm CST–(4pm EST)

I hope YOU will join us..(It will be comforting to know I’m among friends!)

Pat Sloan Podcast

Check out the site now to sign up for her fabulous FREE podcasts!

Pat Sloan Podcast

Oh…and if you’re listening…you can be doodling!

Doodles, FlowersSo bring your pads and pens with fabric slices at the ready!

Happy stitching and Happy doodling,


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15 thoughts on “Doodle Thursday

  1. Good Sunny Morning, Lori-
    I have a favor to ask. Could you go back to May 26th on your blog (apple blossoms) and address Vicki’s question about large quilting spaces? I like her idea of using various flowers too.
    I think I know what your “reveal” will be. I read something about you “somewhere”. Your secret is safe with me! I’m sure excited!
    Thank you, thank you for making our lives more beautiful.

  2. Yay on the podcast!! I knew she would pick you up! I noticed a bunch of theinboxjaunt followers were also Pat Sloan followers! Can’t wait to hear what the surprise is! That’s awesome Lori congrats!
    Ya know what this doodle reminds me of…. Highschool art class we had to cut out a pic of a person , cut it in half, paste to a page and draw the other half lol!

  3. Congratulations Lori! I can see you moving forward at a rapid pace because of the talent you generously share with us. I know that all followers applaud your being appreciated by others, it was just a matter of time. A Franciscan recently remarked to me that with God’s plan it all comes to our Surprising fruition. And, HE smiles at our surprise.

  4. Love this doodle lesson, can’t wait to try it! I also think I know your “reveal” but mum’s the word You go girl! Hopefully I’ll remember to listen….sigh. Do you have remembering lessons also? Lol

  5. Boo hoo! I’m starting jury duty that day. Will it be recorded? (PS – love the pp goose and goslings!)

  6. Love the doodling from fabric what great fun. Can you over doodle or over FMQ on a table runner. I never know if I have done too much. Can’t wait to hear or see you on the podcast. I follow you and Pat but have never done a podcast before. Keep up the great work.

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