Quilt Market 2015…So Many Quilts!

Quilt Market 2015Good Afternoon, Quilters!

I’m back to my desk after several fabulous days at Quilt Market 2015!

Quilt Market is a trade show for vendors to show their wares– what’s new, what’s hot and all that is timeless to retailers.


I was fortunate enough to be asked by Sulky to do demos in their booth…

Why of course, I will…

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be surrounded by all-things-and-all people-quilty!

I had the great pleasure of spending booth time with the owner of Sulky, Fred Drexler and the President of Sulky, Jason Prater …Two men with vast knowledge about the entire quilt industry…(though neither of them stitch!)

Here’s a great tidbit from Mr. Prater…”Quilting is a $6 billion/year industry.  To put that into context, the NFL is a $9 billion/year industry!”

SulkyThe best part of the weekend…entire racks of thread to choose from!

Like a kid in a candy store—hardly describes it.

I spent most of the weekend with a new (to me) thread…Sulky 30 wt cotton–in 84 colors!  You will be seeing a lot more of my projects stitched in this beautiful, glossy thread…coming soon!

Quilt Market 2015


There was something for everyone at Quilt Market this year…

Modern is still “on trend”

After I posted on Friday, I promised I’d go back to the Michael Miller booth and get more information on the Lion quilt.  The quilt is called “Jungle Abstractions” by Violet Craft.  The pattern will be available in stores and online on July 1, 2015.  It was a big hit at the show.

The other lion quilt (see above) part of the International Quilt Association exhibit.  “Born Free” by Denise Sargo.

Quilt Market 2015



Quilt Market 2015

Jennifer Sampou

Jennifer Sampou

Quilt Market 2015

Jennifer Sampou

Quilt Market 2015

Quilt Market 2015

Becky Goldsmith

Piece o’ Cake Designs

Quilt Market 2015


Modern Quilt Studio

Quilt Market 2015

Quilt Market 2015

Quilt Market 2015

Michael Miller

Quilt Market 2015

Michael Miller

Quilt Market 2015

Anna Maria Horner


This week we are going to modify our normal work schedule to bring you MORE PHOTOS, thoughts, TRENDS, People, a LONG WISH LIST and a few PURCHASES from Quilt Market 2015…

NO Tuesday Tutorial–just hundreds of ideas for new motifs swirling and twirling in my head…


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26 thoughts on “Quilt Market 2015…So Many Quilts!

  1. Thank you for “taking” us to Quilt Market with you! Looking forward to any and all photos and tidbits!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, pictures and impressions from quilt market. Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeves! Love seeing quilt market vicariously through your eyes!

  3. Oh you lucky duck to go to Quilt Market and see all the new fabrics, threads, gadgets and patterns. Sulky knew what they were doing when they asked YOU to do some demos. No one can demo better than you! Sulky has long been a great company but their sales must have quadrupled just having you there.

    Sulky’s owner and president are both men – didn’t know that. And…quilting is a $6 Billion dollar business, only slightly trailing the $9 Billion NFL. VERY INTERESTING. We’re catching up with them!

    The first lion in your post – was his mane 3D or was it just the wonderful fabric choices which make it look so? Those piercing eyes and luxurious mane…..oh…..such a gorgeous creature.

    Your head must just be swimming/swirling from your wonderful trip. Thanks for letting us vicariously travel with you (via the photos). How many exhibitors were there and how many do they imagine went to Market?

    Tavette – S. Fla.

  4. Thank you for sharing with those of us, that don’t get to quilt market. So many new things to try & learn. What a wonderful time it must be!

  5. Thank you for showing us what’s coming. I feel like I’ve been there without the sore feet:)

  6. It’s so fun to see what was there and to hear about what it was like!!! Looks like a blast! I’m so glad you got to go and thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Thanks for sharing all things beautiful. Such eye candy. Also thanks for sharing info on the lion, it is on my “to get” list. Can’t wait to see what else you have to share…

  8. Brilliant Lori, job well done! Thank you for providing me with the information regarding the lion! He is a mighty fine creature and I know where I’m putting him. Once he’s made of course. Now all I have to do is wait until 1st of July your say!!!! Oh boy!!!! Hopefully you will keep me entertained up until then. I’m keeping this email so I have all the exact information as well as I will be looking up Violet Craft as she is someone I should know being an aussie I have heard of her before. Thanks once again. Bye for now kept them stunning FMQ design coming. Julie

  9. The quilts are amazing! You are a real lucky lady to have the chance to be there!
    Thanks for sharing this pictures with us.
    Greetings from Germany, Rike

  10. Thank you for taking the time to share your special opportunity with us. Since I found your site-maybe a year ago- I have been greatly encouraged to reach higher in terms of quilting motifs, thread possibilities and design opportunities. I appreciate your posts and work these ideas into work I do. I am venturing into the modern quilt concept and am having fun doing it. I have never used solids much but am venturing into that also. So many new things! I am so happy to accept your generosity and add the things you share with us to my skill set.

  11. Your photography adds so much to your web site. There is nothing like including a great photograph (like all of yours) to illustrate what you are talking about!

  12. Wow! Such wonderful pics! I’m envious of your trip to this show. 🙂 can you tell me the name of the design, or where I can get the pattern for the first quilt by Jennifer Sampou? I can’t stop admiring this one.

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