11 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. sweeeeet. I love all of the little delicate flowers this time of year.
    Happy Sunday, Lori

  2. Lori, growing up on a farm we always looked for the first Trailing Arbutus & Wild Violets as soon as the snow could be moved with gloved hands. The T. Arbutus were so deeply pink, they looked luscious, jewels spreading underneath the fallen leaves—-as if they had gone flying after someone had lost them after a heist. The wild Violets were the deepest of purples to the lightest pinks, some looking thick & darkest of purple velvets with leaves that were chartreuse in colour, other Violets were actually a violet colour with leaves of the deepest dark, green.

    When we moved to SC, I found some in our green space & was given permission to move some into our front garden. How was I to know that the new neighbour’s considered them a pest & asked that I put them in the trash. I refused & would you ever guess that these same neighbours would make photo’s for watercolor paintings, patterns for small artificial arrangements that hung upside in the sacristy of the church where a couple of neighbors married. The lowly, pesty Violets came into their own. Yahoo.

    Thank you so much for this Sunday morning of freshness & wonderment.

    • I, too, used to forage the woods in spring with my sisters looking for arbutus. It was so much fun after the long Michigan winter to “discover” them hidden under all those leaves. Sadly, though, I’ve not seen them since. Your writing was a nice reminder of springs gone by. Thank you!

  3. There were violets already here when we moved in 9 years ago.
    I transplanted some to border the 20 ft length of the deck. Who knew they would live and flourish? They are a joy every year and neither I nor my husband mind if they eventually cover the whole acre !! (He could forego the mowing…) Lori, you
    and your camera are welcome anytime. Have you ever seen their miniscule seed pods break open and let the seeds fly? So many calming and refreshing things happen in nature’s mini world.

  4. Despite the last 2 terrible winters, the violets in our yard have flourished. We have them starting around April 19-21. My most favorite flower, period!

  5. I love violets, let me share this interesting botanical ‘thing’. I live in southern Australia, and we are at the end of our autumn. The violets in my garden are coming into bloom now in anticipation of a mild winter and a wonderful sping. How delightful that we can share the same blooms in such different seasons. Their perfume is so exquisite too.enjoy your precious bursts of colour.

    • Fascinating! Love that it’s a harbinger of summer for us and winter for you!

  6. Lori, beautiful picture. I’m getting into playing with my new camera and figuring out how to take different shots.This camera is a Panasonic Lumix FZ70. What type of setting makes the background blur and the flowers so sharp? I want to do that too and I know it can, just don’t know yet how to make it so. Thanks!

    • Small aperture. As small as your lens will go. That will give one point in focus and blur on the sides

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