6 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Thanks for sharing this artist & his painting. Mr Sparks has a style that reminds me of Monet…now that I have read the “more here” on Wikipedia; I know why. The painting is lovely. This painting makes me thing think about those ladies in the heat of the summer trying to find somewhere cool to be for the afternoon in their heavy dresses. Makes me wonder which was the governess giving lessons or is the mother the one to the right and the daughters to her left? What would the conversation be?

  2. This is so sweet. Love the umbrella.
    Wonderful colors. I wonder if it was really warm, or they just enjoyed sitting in shade.
    And that extra chair, with the shawl on it. Someone left the party…. hmmmm
    what are they doing?
    Maybe it is better not to over analyze
    Nice colors 🙂

  3. I love the peacefulness of this painting. Depending on the viewer, a story emerges at a glance, doesn’t it? Not exactly analytical as Rosemary indicated–just intuitive and satisfying.

    It’s blurry like the Impressionists paintings, which is nice here. The shawl in the rocking chair matches the dress of the lady sitting nearest it…perhaps she was sitting there wrapped up and waiting for the others to arrive and by the time they did show up, the sun came out, so she shed her shawl and took a seat at the table? She appears to be the elder to me. The youngest is reading. I wonder which book they are reading? I’m not sure about the age of the dark haired lady but they could be 3 generations of women. Am I missing them or have the tea cups or glasses been cleared away? Looks like bread or cakes are left. Fun! Thank you Lois!!

  4. Maybe she is reading aloud to the others…so lovely!! Interesting to study his placements of items in perspective. I sure do want to see that gorgeous umbrella!

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