Doodle Thursdays–A Quilting Classic

Doodle LessonsGood Morning, Quilters, Doodlers and Tea Lovers!

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea and before you can read the leaves, you’ll have finished pages of this addicting little doodle!

It’s a Quilting Classic–every quilter should practice this doodle.

Begin with slightly curved “v”.  Then just add a bit more curl.

Doodle LessonsAdd a full spiral.

Doodle LessonsSee how many different variations you can create–with just downward curls and spirals.

Doodle LessonsThen start combining them…

What happens when you turn them into a vine?

Doodle LessonsOkay…time to get back to…dusting, laundry, paperwork…






Doodle LessonsWell…just ONE more!

Doodle LessonsSigned,

Procrastinating on paper,


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10 thoughts on “Doodle Thursdays–A Quilting Classic

  1. Well, Lori, once again, we need to see the quilt under your journal!! Beautiful, from what I can see!! Thanks for all your instructions and encouragement.

  2. LOL!!!! Your “journal jottings” are constant reminders of what we all should be doing daily! 15 minutes of “play” …..doodling……on both paper AND at the machine works wonders!!!! Thanks, again!!!! Have a great day!!!!

  3. I LOVE your Doodle Thursday posts and find they are really helping me. Is there a link somewhere on your page to find all the Doodle Thursday posts? So far I haven’t found it but would love to have one for review. Thanks!

  4. When I voted for you in ALL the categories, I was sad there was no category for best doodler award. Thanks again for a wonderful lesson!

  5. It says only one of my votes counts…. 🙁 and did you mention dust? Yeeks…. my venetian blinds are too heavy with dust to raise any more… well..the Winter did pile it on !! That is one Spring Cleaning chore I always dread..Much rather Sew !

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