Quilt One of Three…


Blue Flowers, FMQGood Morning, Quilters!

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Did you ever notice that once you start Spring Cleaning you want to change everything from pillows to wallhangings?  I’m in that uncomfortable mode these days…nothing can be clean enough and I want something new to view!

So…I dusted awhile, then I started stitching!

Blue Flowers, FMQMy Grand Plan is to make three of these panels in different colors and then hanging them together as a triptych in my bedroom.

The thread is Superior’s Magnifico-trilobal polyester with Aurifil 50 wt cotton in the bobbin.

Of course, stitched on my BERNINA–a domestic sewing machine–no long arm here!

Blue Flowers, FMQInstead of meandering between the flowers, I stitched lines.  (We all know how I feel about Meandering-)

I really think the lines are very effective!  Because the flowers and leaves are really open and the background is tightly quilted, the flowers POP off the quilt.

Give this a try…

Or you could always….dust….



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33 thoughts on “Quilt One of Three…

  1. Beautiful, and fun!! But, how did you do the serpentine border? Freehand? Preset machine stitch? Double needle?

  2. I love the lines! This reminds me of the Panamanian Indian mola applique. Your panels will be beautiful. I voted for The Inbox Jaunt to be #1 in all categories — just because it is. 🙂

  3. Oh Lori, How beautiful… just love that the one leaf comes out of the border… and the lines… they really made the flowers pop… I voted for you as #1 in every category as you are truly the Best!!! Yours is the only blog that I go to every day and get some inspiration for my next project… A big Thank you is coming your way.

  4. Just voted! This is the only blog I look at each day. Sure look forward to it and I can’t wait to try this motif. Looks like fun. Thanks for keeping this up each day and I also can’t wait to see how many categories you win!

  5. Beautiful! Did you start with the flower in the middle with the stem and create it and then travel around and do the other flowers and then do the lines to highlight each flower? Have you done a tutorial on this flower? I’m full of questions. Think I’ll go doodle on this for a while and see if I can figure this one out. Thanks!

  6. Love your blog and all your creative energy!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Curious…..do you have a favorite batting? Or, what do you usually use?

  7. This quilt is outstanding! Like Sandy P, I’d love more information. Once I lay the first motif down I’m challenged in where/how to set up the second motif and where/when/how to use the filler pattern. It looks so organic in your work and I’ve tried to follow your stitching lines. Maybe I just have to print it and trace it with a pen. Would you please write a tutorial or post on travelling between motif designs? Thanks!

    • I don’t recommend printing and tracing, but rather doodling. Your lines will only look organic if they are YOUR lines–stitching naturally from muscle memory. I will do a tutorial on this. I will try to have it up by next week.

  8. Lori…….what batting(s) did you use? I’m so glad you used the straight(er) lines! I, too, think this is an overlooked option in so many situations! Sometimes the simplest filler is the most effective!!!! Hugs……

  9. I know how excited you’re getting to be able to hang something new! Now you have inspired me! Let’s see……..

  10. Hey Lori, I learned so much from you. I voted for you! Hope you win this. If not for you my FMQ would not have evolved . You’re the greatest providing these free awesome tutorials. Blessings

  11. Dust? isn’t that a 4 letter word?

    I think I have the project in progress this would look lively on. Now to go stitch.

  12. Lori, so excited to vote for you in ALL categories!!! You truly have a heart for us who love quilting! Thank you for all your emails, pictures and research, you are awesome, thank you!!!!

  13. Gorgeous as always! One of these days you’re going to have to tell us how to join various large objects together and come back with fill. (i.e. I’m sure yours is one continuous line of sewing…). If I tried this, I’d have to stop, cut the threads, move to a new spot and start again.

  14. Lori, just went online to Superior Threads and bought four spools of the Magnifico. I like the company, but had not tried this particular thread line. I appreciate you listing not only HOW you do things, but what tools and supplies you use.

  15. I did not dust… new covers for the porch chairs were way more important.. Sewed happily while dust sighed with neglect. OK, we did take the beds apart last week and vacuum the bunnies under there and then I sewed the new dust ruffles., !!! I am now having a quilting attack…Have some new solids to make squares for FMQ now. BTW, I washed a crib size, new, warm& nat. last week..soaked and rolled in towel actually to prepare for my new solids. UH… not happy with the way it maintained its ruffles from being folded in the plastic bag. Maybe at smaller squares for “Lori Class” it will not make any difference. First time I ever prewashed batting.. now I know !

      • I’d say nope. This experience seems to say that prewashing does not help flatten or straighten the batting. The folded areas were really ruffly when removed from the plastic packing bag. It would not smooth out flat/relax at all on my big table. I soaked it in the Delicate cycle. It spun for very short time and I rolled it in a towel to remove as much moisture as possible.I spread it out and smoothed it flat, but as it dried the ruffly areas rose right back up. I would not want to use it in a quilt but I may be completely wrong.. The overall quilting might smooth it out. Anyone know? I bought that crib size batting to use for my practice FMQ squares. I will not prewash warm & nat. batting again. I have used that favorite cotton batting brand for 20+ years and love it.

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