4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Ah yes – the days of the one speed bikes. We rode ours to elementary school and it never crossed our minds to lock them up. No one stole bikes but we registered them anyway with the city and got a small metal license plate which attached to the seat. The one on the left has that little flat piece above the rear tire. It might have been for strapping pkgs. or books to it ??? I was scared to be up so high at first (no training wheels) so for quite some time I’d sit on that fender rather than the seat and pedal away. Thinking outside the box at an early age 🙂

    Pretty clever of the kids in this photo to have used a picket fence as a bicycle stand. Our school had a concrete strip with indents for the front tire.

    Some of the more flamboyant riders would clothespin clip playing cards to the spokes to make a grand entrance. If your folks bought you the streamers which screwed into the rubber handle bar covers – whoa – you were special.

    Your photos always bring back wonderful memories.

  2. VOTE-VOTE-VOTE Be SURE to nominate Lori. Click on the circle to the right of the above photograph for an entry form. She is requesting to be nominated in the Best Overall category. There’s a pull down menu so be sure to arrow down to Best Overall. It defaults to Best Traditional, but she does so much more than just traditional quilting.

    Now’s our chance to show how much we appreciate what she does for us.

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