10 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Hi Lori, Happy Saturday
    I have been busy and exhausted but I read your blog every day.

    This painting is intense! Gosh, this lady’s face and hands…. too much sun! lol just kidding So sweet. This reminds me of my dad’s mother. Long story, she did not know how to do anything ever. Seriously. I think she also suffered from depression.
    Anyway, at age 86, she moved in with mom and dad in Brussels (from Holland) and my mother (born with only one hand) could knit (my mom can do everything, more than people with two hands) My mom could not crochet because that was something that did indeed require two hands. She taught my grandmother to crochet.
    And my gramma crocheted and crocheted. It was the cutest thing ever. She was so happy and proud.
    Sorry to blog on your blog. This painting just sparked it.
    Except my gramma would put her feet up and she had a smile on her face.

    • OH and to add, with all of those crocheted squares, my mom would sew them all together and make blankets for … I believe the local hospital and nursing home in the area where they lived (Wezembeek)

      • I really enjoy reading the history of each artist. Thank you for taking the time to post such interesting information. I look forward to this every week.

    • What a great story, Rosemary! Remarkable about your mom. Isn’t it amazing what some people accomplish inspire of adversity?!

      • I’m not sure if “inspire” was a typo or not but I like it. Adversity is often exactly what we need to inspire us.. How nice to have grown up in the company of such ladies!

  2. Enjoy hearing about your folks…. It looks like this grandma is tatting or doing hairpin lace..Can anybody else see it clearly? It is a lovely painting…Look at the colors in her hair, face, table and apron. I bet they are even luminous in person..

  3. It looks as though she is knitting with very fine yarn on double point needles, perhaps a sock. I suspect my face looks the same when I’m trying to knit with very fine yarn on double point needles too–and keep messing things up.

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  5. My mom is the greatest! She is not a crocheter, quilter, or crafter, but she has taught me many life lessons.

    I just found this blog via a facebook post, and I must say that these fmq tutorials are fabulous! (I voted for your blog!!)

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