11 thoughts on “Doodles Delayed

  1. Don’t stress at all about that, Lori! I am amazed at how well you keep us going. I am sure all of us can practice the four lessons we have and like you suggested, I have been looking at possible patterns to use to practice so that is what we can do. I hope you are well and we will all just keep truckin’.

  2. Your bumblebee design was posted just when I needed it–using it, I ended up with a lovely bee flying in each center square of the dozen Bowl Cozies I just finished. Since the reverse is a print of mixed fruits and vegetables, that cute little pollinator is the perfect accent. Thanks!

  3. No worries…whether you just need time to rest, or catch up on Kennedy family affairs or a new project….we’re all behind you—cheering you on. I’m so glad you’re getting the professional recognition you so richly deserve … even if it means someday you won’t have time to blog as often. Have a wonderful day! We love you, Lori, and are very grateful to you for sharing you talents and inspiration.

  4. You have given us enough to practice with & we should try to use our own imagination for some things too. Gives us a challenge… Don’t worry, we’ll all still be here when your ready!

  5. Take some time for Lori—we all need to slow down occasionally to care for family or ourselves. Whatever—we are your loyal followers, dedicated learners, & those that
    are trying to make you proud as we “doodle, doodle all the way!”
    Thank you Lori!

  6. Being 73 now, you have given enough to last me a lifetime !! And if something new comes up, I could always ask myself, “What would Lori do? ” It wouldn’t turn out like yours, but it would be inspired by your talent/work/lessons. Blessings,Marta, doodling all the way……per loosecannon2

  7. Just do what you need to do. We have plenty of inspiration from all that you’ve offered so should keep us busy for a long time.

  8. I love, love, love your blog and tutorials. Our Guild makes quilts for victims of domestic violence. My friend Kathy pieced a quilt using different bee fabrics. I quilted it using your bumble bee motif. So cute! Thank you!

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