Beginner Loops- A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Beginners Loops, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters!

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I would like to start by emphasizing–Quilting does not have to be complicated to be beautiful!

Simple patterns like Loops can be very pretty.  If you’re a beginner, find a motif that is easy for you to so ensure success.  AND don’t avoid free motion quilting because it looks complicated.  YOU can do this!

Today’s motif is a simple pattern.  Stitch it horizontally–it is just like writing the lower case letter “l” in cursive.

Draw two lines one inch apart.  Stitch simple loops. Stitch with the lines horizontally or vertically-which ever is easier.

Beginners Loops, Free Motion QuiltingStitch another row with the loops facing the opposite direction.  Isn’t this a beautiful motif?!  It would make a lovely border.

Beginners Loops, Free Motion QuiltingOr draw the first two lines 1 inch apart and add a third line 1/2 inch to the right.

Stitch the first set of loops and then interlock the second row of loops.

Beginners Loops, Free Motion QuiltingAdd echo stitching with a loop…Fabulous!

Beginners Loops, Free Motion Quilting

Beginners Loops, Free Motion QuiltingKeep it SIMPLE and YOU’ve got it made!

Simply stitching,



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45 thoughts on “Beginner Loops- A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

  1. I have a question? why to you use 2 different wt threads in the bobbin and top thread? for FMQ in white, should I use rayon, polyester or cotton, or does it truly matter? and the weights. I’m so confused!

    • Such eloquence, and simple, you have such a awesome gift of sharing your ideas. What type of sewing machine foot do you use when machine quilting?

    • I like threads like Rayon and polyester for their sheen, but they are slippery. By using cotton thread in the bobbin, the machine is able to “lockstitch” better. That works for my machine. Give it a try and see what works best for you. I generally prefer cotton in the bobbin no matter what I’m using on top.

      • good advice. Lori.
        I am going to try this. Now I am going to try this as I am really in need of the beginner stuff since I am progressing slowly

  2. Love your tutorials…the question I have is in spacing and keeping it even…how do you keep the distance between loops so even? Is there a visual trick or is it just practice?

    • Practice helps and so does doodling! It really helps one improve their eye for spacing and balance. In the meantime, you might want to place small “tick” marks to help space the loops.

  3. Hi Lori! I was just needing something like this! I can’t believe how much the simple little echo stitch adds too! Good job!

  4. Lori, You make it seem so easy! I need to practice, practice, practice– but at least I can meander, if all else fails! 🙂 Thank you so much for your so very helpful tutorials.

  5. I’ll doodle this for a while before I try sewing it. I love it and it might be just the thing for the border of my granddaughter’s quilt. A doodling I will go. 😉

  6. I’m working on a quilt right now whose border I wasn’t going to do anything with. But now that i see this, this might be just the right treatment for it!

  7. I am really enjoying these tutorials! I would like to know what you mark your lines with….I have had such a hard time finding something that will make a nice clean line on fabric.

  8. This is going on the quilt I”m getting ready to mark. I love the first variation of the back to back loops. So simple and yet so lovely. Thanks!

  9. Love the last (lower right) version for a border. Two rows of loops, two outside rows echoing with little loops. This one I’m gonna practice a lot!

  10. Thank you Lori. You have inspired me to work on my quilting again. I love the tutorials for quilting and doodling.

  11. I have been scared to try. On my 4th quilt and getting braver. Think I might just try this. Thanks.

  12. Wow, this is so easy and amazing, just tried it and it works, can hardly believe I did this! Off to my Wednesday afternoon quilt circle to practice some more! Many thanks xxxx

  13. I just want to say how much I appreciate the effort you put into helping us to learn how to fmq. I truly appreciate the tutorials and other wonderful posts you create. Thank you sooo much for helping us in learning and growing in our abilities. Hugs!

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  15. Just Love this – I’m pretty confident I could do this. Thanks heaps for such a cool idea.

  16. Just found your site and it was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for your generosity in helping us learn to free motion quilt.

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  18. Found this while looking through some of your designs. I think it will be perfect for the border on my table topper. What do you suggest for going around the corners? In the meantime I will doodle this design to get it into my brain!

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