14 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. When did you pop by our lake and take a photo this morning??? Oh, I see at the top, Lake Harriet. Ours is Lake Grace..Wondrous what the Lord has made for us. So glad your snow has gone away til next season for it. We had April showers for past few weeks. Glad the sun is out today.Thanks for a lovely share of your peace!

  2. Yes this is peaceful. I live next to a place just like this and see ducks and geese just like this every day.

  3. Wish I could send you a photo of what our lake looks like? And our glorious harbours and mountain! New Zealand is from North Island to the end of the South Island amazing, I nearly ran into a bridge looking at its beauty! Come and see us soon!! Your dollar goes a long way here!

  4. Just spent a couple days relaxing next to the Peel Estuary in Western Australia, water is very restful and the sunsets where glorious.

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