6 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Happy Saturday ^^^ haha @ JoJo. I was just having the same thought….
    I probably do look like this. Last week I was hand sewing, well, applique (for my first time) hexies onto a little purse I made for a friend. I am sure I looked like this. I wonder why this lady has perfect vision and she can see so close without glasses.
    Most oldsters give this up because of their vision.
    This is a lovely, very detailed portrait

    • Oh, my parents are both from Holland, Actually I lived most of my child hood in Europe. Of course you know I recently moved my parents to Virginia. My dad gave me two volumes of Van Gogh’s letters and drawings to his brother. Amazing books
      I should see if there are any sewing themed pictures in there.
      It is all in Dutch, but very interesting.

  2. We learned an interesting fact from a Dutch woman: you pronounce his name (phonetically) “fon-HOKH”. not the hard “k” of “kick,” but the guttural one we hear in the German pronoun ich and the Scottish word “loch

  3. Thank you for the painting. I visited the Van Gogh museum in the Netherlands in 1994. I got to see Starry Starry Night up close – and it’s actually quite small. The posters you can purchase are much larger. Such an interesting man, and a tragic life. His use of color changed over his life – much like a quilter’s would.

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