13 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Lori…I want you to know how much I enjoy and look forward to your posts. They are informative, entertaining, instructional and quite frankly, a breath of fresh air! Thank you for being so gracious to share your talent. Barbara Hurd

  2. The mark of an artist is to see beauty in almost everything and to be able to interpret it in some way. The picture of the dandelion indicated the promise of spring and the lovely spring greens that are so fresh and new. And, a quilting motif was born from that concept. I appreciate your perspective so very much. I am encouraged to ‘look’ at things with ‘different eyes’. Thank you for all you share with us.

    • Truly enjoy the Silent Sundays. The serenity that is in so many of your pictures, causes me to pause and enjoy the beauty and calm. You truly have an artists eye.

  3. Lori,,,this is a perfect photo of your past quilting of dandilions, but even more of your personal spring find……guess what we have to look forward to in a few more weeks. i appreciate that here in Ontario Canada they still havent made their soring appearance.

  4. Thank you Lori.
    We have a large field nearby & it is simply covered in yellow dandelions & looks like a setting sun, glorious. Also, down the street is a house with a large front yard that is light purple with Crocus, from a distance the yard looks like a lake. Isn’t it interesting what weeds & plants can do to our phyche’s? I am so thankful that I have a maybe 1/2 working brain!!

  5. Sometimes seeing the Silent Sunday photograph is like going to church… you show us the beauty in what God has made for us. We can transform that into something to bless others with..I also want to share that my husband insisted we take my new “broken” fancy sewing machine back to a shop for 7th time since Dec 2013. It did me the favor of pitching a big noisy hissy fit in the shop this time like it had been doing at home. It turned out to be…not a bad needle. wrong tension or thread or settings.. etc There was a metal burr down in the innerds of the bobbin mechanism. They actually repaired it..and didn’t charge us. I admit I cried when it worked beautifully. Now I can use the stitches, walking foot, extension table and other things we had invested in.
    Today the simple dandelion represented the peace that comes when you have a blessing longed for and finally received. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lori !

  6. Thanks for your soothing posts on Silent Sunday. I have been using the others to practice. When I finally see the signs of Spring, I too will have some practicing of Silence.

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