Think Spring!


Good Morning!

It really feels like Spring here in Minnesota!  Yesterday the temperatures soared to 60 degrees and it may reach 70!

It’s Easter week, so we’ll be baking and cooking…

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without Peeps!

Did you know that more than 700 million Peeps are bought each Easter?!

I thought you might like this short video on Peeps

I really don’t like Peeps until they are good and stale–I like how they get chewier…

What about YOU?

What’s Your favorite Easter candy…Peeps…Jelly Beans…Chocolate Bunnies?

We’d love to hear!


PS…Don’t forget to find a notebook and some pens…tomorrow we begin our Doodle Lessons.  Read more HERE.


30 thoughts on “Think Spring!

    • The Saint Paul Pioneer Press was the first newspaper to come up with this idea, and it’s still going on. Their prize for the best one is a toothbrush!

  1. Hi Lori! This is the first blog I have ever subscribed to! So far so good. Easter just crept up on me this year. Perhaps its because where I live in Canada, there is still snow on my front lawn, (lots) and today I woke to -7 temperature (Celsius). But spring is in the air here also and the down parkas have been put away for another year!……but baking? not this year. Quilting?? yes yes, I have to learn to free motion and your blog looks to be very helpful!

  2. Love peeps…..traditional yellow ones… I like them crispy too. Attended a large quilt show in Savannah last week. One quilt was an egg diorama..24 ” long and maybe 18″ tall..quilted egg with large oval opening to see inside..appliques and felted sheep etc..,,very 3-D…and lovely. Blessings to all this Resurrection season.

  3. My favorite Easter candy? Chocolate bunnies, of course! And malted milk eggs! Lori, love your blog! Enjoy every bit of it! A blessed Easter to everyone!

  4. My favorite candy ANYTIME is chocolate-I don’t care what shape it is, egg, bunny,santa or ghosts and pumpkins!! The best way to eat peeps is as s’mores. We buy them after Easter and save them for summer campouts.
    Love your blog, just haven’t gotten the nerve to try the quilting yet. Doodle lessons sound like fun. Thanks again, Connie Jordan

  5. Not a fan of peeps at all, stale or otherwise! Everyone else in the family likes them though. I am a dark chocolate fan and I like the fancy jelly beans like jelly belly <3

  6. Lori, I thought my friend Cece was the only one who likes stale Peeps! Myself, I would not eat Peeps in any form if they were the last candy on earth (and I’m a huge candy fan)!

  7. My mother loved peeps! She always had some on hand and they were a favorite gift from her grandchildren. When handing Grammy a package one Easter my nephew said ” Here Grammy, something for your Peep Cellar!” I laugh every time I think of that. BTW, my nephew was 27 when he said that!

  8. Cadbury minis! No…. Starburst sour jelly beans! No wait… Reese eggs!! And Sweet tart jelly beans. All my favorite! Oh… Did you say list one lol!

  9. I really like stale peeps. One of my grandson’s loves them so I buy them on most holidays for him-keep a few back for me to eat sometime later!

  10. I love chocolate, but I tried lemon Peeps today and the bottom is dipped in lemon fudge. Anything lemon is good.

  11. Never heard of Peeps until now! Here in Belgium, we only stick with chocolate eggs… Milk chocolate lover!

  12. Had the Easter with 4 grandchildren and lots of fun! We are heading into winter but still 23 c here so balmy and night time of 17c so still in summer bedding! No idea about Fahrenheit, metric here! , But time to get the quilt tools out and go for it, now cool enough in the mornings to quilt.

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