Free Motion Quilting Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs, FMQ

Happy Monday, Quilters!

I originally planned to call today “Mistake Monday”, but decided to go for a more positive approach…

Let me explain…Two years ago, while working on The Easter Egg tutorial, I stitched a little Egg Quilt…(the lower part of the quilt below.)

The quilt has decorated eggs all along the border.  Later, I filled the center with The Squiggle Square.

Both of these motifs are fabulous…but together…”not so much!”

Easter Eggs, FMQOver the weekend, I had a few minutes (and a little of this hand dyed fabric leftover) to re-do the quilt.

Easter Eggs, FMQI used Sulky rayon and a little metallic too…

In the bobbin, Aurifil 50 wt cotton–grips the specialty threads really well.

Of course…my BERNINA 820 with the large harp space…(No stitch regulator)

Easter Eggs, FMQMuch better!

Easter Eggs, FMQSometimes….Less is more!

–a lesson I have difficulty remembering!

Easter Eggs, FMQHope you are decorating eggs or quilts or both this week!


PS…There’s also an Easter bunny tutorial for more fun!

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12 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting Easter Eggs

  1. Lori, your egg runners are great. The first one would have showed off your eggs as separate from the fill that you did if you had echoed the eggs a few times to give some space between the fill and the eggs. I have found that giving quilting “breathing” room sometimes really makes the whole thing work. Thank you for giving us so many quilting ideas and tutorials – you rock!!!

  2. Lori, This is so cute. You are so talented. I have just discovered you. You have inspired me so much. I love what you do. Can’t wait to see more. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  3. The eggs around the edge are lovely…..covering egg gourds with fabric this week…Just got home from out of town picking up got my older fancy stitch machine back from the shop. It worked in the shop, I do hope it does at home too… Have had a yellow FMQ blank prepared. Now the eggs will be perfect on it. Thanks for supreme idea. Hope to do bunnies by next year!!

  4. I’m thrilled to have “stumbled” onto your blog site. You’re creativity is certainly inspiring! I know the main thing I hear over and over regarding fmq is “practice, practice, practice.”. I admit I don’t do nearly enough of that, but I still think some people just have more innate talent than others. Sure wish I was one of them… 🙂
    Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  5. The simplicity of the remake is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to see others don’t always get it right the first time either.

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